Genshin Impact Discord Reaches Max Capacity, New Server Added

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Genshin Impact's popularity has grown at exponential rates since its release in September 2020.

Genshin Impact 2.0 has been the largest, and most popular update yet, adding a new region to the game and tons of new content for players to explore.

In July of 2021, that popularity caused the Official Genshin Impact Discord to reach max capacity.

Thankfully miYoHo has taken steps to help fans reach out to the community so they can continue to gather online to talk about how awesome Paimon is.


Genshin Impact Tavern

A second Genshin Impact Discord server has been created and dubbed the Genshin Impact Tavern.


The new server has already gathered over 140,000 users, proving the demand for Genshin Impact fans to congregate.

Discord, in general, has seen a huge boost in numbers following the Covid-19 pandemic, as people look for ways to socialize and keep in contact with their social groups.

More and more game companies turn to Discord to set up official channels for users to gather.

If the new Genshin Impact Tavern server keeps on gaining members as fast as it already is, miHoYo may have to set up a third server soon unless Discord ups the member cap.

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