Genshin Impact's Contending Tides Event

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Even with the Windblume Festival in full swing, Genshin Impact introduces a new event for players to take part in starting Friday, April 2, 2021, and running until Monday, April 12, 2021.

Titled "Contending Tides," the event's official description is "Challenge the arena and win Primogems."

Details are a bit vague at this point, but what is known is compiled below.

Contending Tides

Genshin Impact players who are Adventure Rank 20 or above can participate in the upcoming Contending Tides event.

The event will take place at Dadaupa Gorge's Meaty Arena and will feature different challenges every day.

Each day a new challenge will unlock with three different difficulty levels.

Completing higher-level challenges will automatically clear out any incomplete challenges at lower difficulty levels.

Every challenge has three criteria that need to be met to complete it.

Bonus effects apply to each challenge in the events, so players will need to pay attention to these to maximize their benefit to complete challenges.

Using the new feature in Genshin Impact 1.4 that lets players adjust their World Level will not affect the challenges in any way.

Currently, only Primogems are specifically listed as a reward for completing challenges, though miHoYo announced other rewards would be available.

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Rolling Tide

Genshin Impact Rosaria
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ROSARIA: She's coming soon

While there is no major story component tied to the Contending Tides event, it seems like there will be a significant amount of content for Genshin Impact players to enjoy.

While there is a bit of overlap with the Windblume Festival, the event comes at the perfect time for players who may have already completed all there is to do in Mondstadt and acquired all the rewards available from the current Event Shop.


Genshin Impact is not a game that likes to let players sit idle for too long, and Contending Tides feels like it is coming to fill a gap between the first major event of Genshin Impact 1.4 and the next, most likely featuring Rosaria.

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