Genshin Impact: Connection Timed Out Error Code 4206 & How to Fix it

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Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm since its release last year. With millions of players worldwide, things are looking great for miHoYo, the company behind the game.

However, as with most online games, Genshin Impact is not exempt from server problems. And one infamous error code is rearing its ugly head once more for thousands of players.

The "Connection Timed Out" message and Error Code 4206 is one that blocks players from logging in to the game. If you are suffering from this problem, here are some possible solutions.

Connection Timed Out Error details

Connection Timed error is a network problem that affects players on all platforms, Playstation, Pc, and Mobile.

The simplest and probably everyone's first option is to log out from your account entirely, restart and try to log in again. However, if the situation persists, there are other possible fixes.

Fixing Error Code 4206 on Mobile

In the case of Mobile players, they need to go to settings. In the app section, they need to clear the cache of Genshin Impact.

After that, they need to reset the Access Points names in the Data Network settings, Restart the device and log in to the game and your internet connection.

Before doing this, ensure you have your Log-in Data and Passwords on hand to avoid further issues.

Fixing Error Code 4206 on PC

Similar to the Mobile solution, players can fix the issue by deleting the app's cache.

Open the game settings of the game. Then, click on the game resources and choose Clear Download Resources and Repair the Game Files.

If the problems persist, the problem might be related to your network configuration. Check here for more on how to fix that.

Playstation Fix

For Consoles, the option to clear cache is through the power cord:

  • Turn off your PS4. It needs to be completely turned off to clear its cache (Rest Mode won't work)
  • Disconnect the PS4's power cord from the back of the console.
  • Wait at least a minute, then plug the cable back into the PS4 and turn it on.
  • It is recommended to Log-Out from the game before trying this fix.

Another option for Playstation is correcting your Network Configuration manually.

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Enchanting Journey of Snow Stars

While you are fixing your Network Problem, you can check the new offline event from Genshin Impact. Enchanting Journey of Snow Stars, invite players to create a Dragonspine Souvenir Card with their favorite character.

Event Duration: December 29, 2021 - January 9, 2022.


By creating your Souvenir Card, increase the chances of the community to obtain rewards based on certain thresholds:

  • After 300K Souvenir Card, players will obtain three pieces of Goulash, the meal that reduces sheer cold.
  • After 600K Souvenir Card, travelers will obtain 20,000 Mora
  • If the event reaches the amount of 1 million souvenir cards, all participants are getting 30 Free Primogems.

Besides these rewards, you can be part of a raffle by sharing the event on your social media with the hashtag #LightUpTheAlps and #GenshinImpact.

41 lucky players will obtain the following prizes:

  • First Prize: iPhone 13 256 GB (1 winner)
  • Second Prize: iPad 256 GB (10 winners)
  • Third Prize: Genshin Impact merchandise gift packs (1 Character Stand + 1 Badge + 1 Cushion) (30 winners)

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