02 Jun 2021 4:47 PM +00:00

Genshin Impact Coming to the Epic Games Store

miHoYo just announced that Genshin Impact will soon be coming to the Epic Games Store.

The game will function exactly as it does not, but allows players another option for how they would like to download and manage their Genshin experience.

Genshin Impact on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store screenshot
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Genshin Impact hits the Epic Games Store on June 9, 2021, allowing players another way to download and manage their installation of Genshin Impact.


Players who currently play on the PC, Android, or iOS will be able to download the game through the Epic Games Store and pick up their game right where they left off.

While PS4/PS5 users' accounts are tied to Sony's platform as far as their accounts are concerned, cross-play will continue to work as normal with players who download the game through the Epic Games Store, just as it does with the PC, Android, and iOS client.

miHoYo also has a special redemption code available to celebrate the launch, though it does not become active until June 9, 2021.

The code is: GenshinEpic

They have not revealed what the code will grant Genshin Impact players as of yet.

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Benefits of the Epic Game Store


Players already using the Genshin Impact launcher on the PC might wonder what benefits downloading the game through the Epic Games Store offers.

For one, the Epic Game Store will automatically keep Genshin Impact updated without having to open a custom launcher.

Genshin Impact players will most likely be able to purchase Genesis Crystals and other in-game purchases through the Epic Games Store as well, meaning they will not have to launch the game in order to make purchases.

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