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Collected Miscellany - "Yanfei: Blaze of Legal Brilliance" Released

Genshin Impact 1.5 released only a few short days ago, introducing players to Yanfei, a new 4-Star Pyro Catalyst user.

Part Adepti, yet without a contract with Morax, Yanfei serves as a legal advisor to the people of Liyue.

This is the first official in-depth look players have of the new character, though Yanfei's details have been available online for quite some time now.

Narrated by the mysterious Dainsleif, Collected Miscellany - "Yanfei: Blaze of Legal Brilliance" shines a bit more light on the top legal advisor of Liyue.


Yanfei: Blaze of Legal Brilliance

"Only by adhering to the law can people solve life's myriad of problems."


Yanfei focuses on AoE Pyro Damage, making her a versatile Main DPS.

Half Illuminated Beast, Yanfei was born during a time of peace in Liyue, never signing a contract with Morax.

Because of this, she lives a life of freedom, bound only by the contracts she enters into with her clients.

Whenever a question of law comes up, the citizens of Liyue know that Yanfei is the best there is, having memorized the entirety of Liyue's codex of laws.

A student of life and law, Yanfei is both street smart and book smart, making sure to experience all the world has to offer to aid her in her legal pursuits.

Seal of Power

The video opens with a brief introduction to Yanfei before delving into her attacks and abilities.


Tossing fireballs and powerful Charged Attacks, Yanfei earns Scarlet Seals.

Able to hold up to three Scarlet Seals, Yanfei does increased Charge Attack damage for each seal currently in her possession, consuming no stamina.

Her Elemental Ability deals AoE Pyro DMG while also giving her the max amount of Scarlet Seals.

Yanfei's Elemental Burst is similar, but also gives her Brilliance, a temporary buff that gives her Scarlet Seals at a set interval for a period of time.

Her entire skillset is based around generating Scarlet Seals to use Charged Attacks and deal massive amounts of AoE Pyro Damage as quickly as possible.

Certainly a different playstyle than many other characters, it will be interesting to see how well Yanfei works out in the hands of an experienced player.

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