New Genshin Impact Rosaria Video Released

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Genshin Impact 1.5 is right around the corner, with the new update releasing in just a couple of days.

The latest addition to Genshin Impact's Collected Miscellany focuses on its new 4-Star heroine, Rosaria.

This is the first official in-depth look players have of the new character, though Rosaria's details have been available online for quite some time now.

Table of Contents

Narrated by the mysterious Dainsleif, Collected Miscellany - "Rosaria: Purger of the Shadows" shines a bit more light on the unconventional nun and her motivations.


Latest - Update Time Confirmed

In a blog post, miHoYo have confirmed the update time for the 1.5 patch.

Downtime will begin for the 1.5 update at 6 am UTC+8 on Wednesday, April 28th.

This is 6 pm EST/11 pm BST on Tuesday, April 27th.

Downtime is expected to last up to five hours.

Rosaria: Purger of Shadows

"Pray, not for the gods or the betterment of others...but for yourself."


A powerful one-on-one Physical DMG dealer, Rosaria is a Priestess of the Church of Favonius, though an unbeliever.

She performs a particular task for the church, lounging around by day and becoming active only when night falls.

While the other sisters of the church offer prayer and desire the betterment of others, Rosaria offers the citizens of Mondstadt protection against the things that go bump in the night.

The blood on her hands is the price she pays for the freedom and peace Mondstadt citizens enjoy.

Though she has turned her back on the gods after seeing the cruelty the world has to offer, she will not turn her back on the people.

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A Powerful DPS


The video frames Rosaria as a powerful and dexterous DPS that can help control the battlefield while dealing massive Physical DMG.

As she grows in power, her ability to perform critical hits after using her Elemental Ability to get behind foes increases.

Her Elemental Burst deals intermittent Cryo DMG to foes in its radius, allowing Rosaria to switch out with other party members to add additional Elemental Reactions.

Once powered up, her Elemental Burst increases the Crit Rate of all other party members, except Rosaria, in its field.

This power scales on Rosaria's Crit Rate.

The video ends with tips on effectively pulling Rosaria in and out of action to utilize her skills best.

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