Kamisato Ayaka: Camellia in Winter Snow - New Genshin Impact Character Demo

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Genshin Impact normally releases new character videos in threes, and Kamisato Ayaka just got her second before her official release.

Having already seen Ayaka's Character Teaser, players now get the full Character Demo for her, allowing the character to further speak for herself a bit while her moves are shown off.

Kamisato Ayaka: Camellia in Winter Snow

Her sword art is her honor embodied, and Ayaka takes her blade work seriously.


Throughout the Character Demo, Ayaka shows off her skills as she spars with Tohma in preparation for the Traveler's arrival to Inazuma.

The video raises several questions.

How does Ayaka know the Traveler is on their way to Inazuma?

What are her intentions for when they arrive?

She mentions learning the sword skills of another land and how her skills need to be ready for when they do finally arrive.

"I do not know the Traveler's skill with a blade, but I look forward to finding out."

What is known is that this Character Demo is one of the most visually impressive to date, with dramatic camera angles, slow-motion effects, and beautiful touches that truly make Ayaka's blade skills look like a work of art.

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The Second of Three

Genshin Impact 2.0 drops on July 21, 2021, and players can expect a third Ayaka video soon.

The third and final of any character trilogy of videos, Collected Miscellany, are detailed technical looks at a character narrated by Dainslief and cover just about every aspect of a new character.

These videos explain how new characters work on a mechanical level, giving hints on deploying them into a team most efficiently.

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