Genshin Impact 2.0: How to Get Beidou for Free in the Thunder Sojourn Event

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Getting a free character in Genshin Impact is not an opportunity that happens very often, especially if the free character is possibly the best 4-star character in the game. Here are the details we have so far.

Thunder Sojourn Event released with Genshin Impact 2.0. takes place in Inazuma. Besides level 90 ascension material, completing these missions will give you the hero "Beidou," the badass Captain of The Crux, for FREE.

How to get Beidou

You have to complete three different kinds of challenges, using the power of "Electogranum" to get Thunder Pellets

  • Act I: Bolt Blitz - You have to fly with the help of Electrogranum and thunder spheres to reach the goal before the time finish.
  • Act II: Lighting Round - Activated mechanisms to enter the lighting round. Defeat all enemies before the time finish using thunder dwelling
  • Act III: Weaving Lighting - Defeat all enemies before the end of the countdown, using Nimbus Gem (they release electric pulse, link up to characters with electrograna.

You will need to get 1000x Thunder Pellets to exchange for Beidou.

However, you need 1000x Thunder Crystal as well.

Act IV: Automaton Front

Thunder Crystal is the currency that has just become available today (July 30, 2021). You can obtain it after completing the domain Automaton Front.

You will have to defeat the new Inazuma boss, Perpetual Mechanic Array, the new type of Automaton. This boss is similar to the one you battle near Narukami Island, where you can get ascension material for Ayaka.

However, in this domain, there is a boost that will benefit electro characters, including AoE bursts attacks, with the presence of Thunder Dwelling and Nimbus Gems.

Image describing the exchange rewards in Genshin Impact event
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USEFUL ASCENSION MATERIAL: Receive more rewards aside from Beidou

You need to obtain 1000x Thunder Crystals in order to get your Beidou's Invitation (Free Beidou). It will take 4 runs of the Automaton Front Domain to receive 1200x Thunder Crystals.

Note: The shop will close on August 16th. After that, any remaining Thunder Pellets and Thunder Crystal in your possession will disappear.

Stay tuned for more Genshin Impact updates!

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