Genshin Impact 2.7: On the Stage, Behind the Stage Quest Guide

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Genshin Impact 2.7 is packed with appearances of characters from all of the three known nations. For example, in the Perilous Trail the main event, we get to interact with Kuki, Yelan, Itto, Xiao, and Yanfei.

Later in the patch, the Arataki's Music Fest will bring another batch of characters including Klee, Raiden Shogun, Kazuha, and more.

One other unexpected character who plays an important role in the On The Stage, Behind the Stage quest in Genshin Impact 2.7 is Yun Jin.

Here's our guide to complete the On the Stage, Behind the Stage quest and assist Yun Jin's opera troupe.

Starting the On the Stage, Behind the Stage Quest

To start the Genshin Impact Starting on the Stage, Behind the Stage quest, we have to travel to Liyue Harbor and walk to the stage where the storyteller Liu Su performs every night.

You may recognize Liu Su from the daily commission in Liyue and the Genshin Impact Story Quest of Zhongli, the Geo Archon.


Travelers need to complete the Archon Interlude Chapter Act 1, The Crane Returns on the Wind, as this quest involves Yun Jin and her Opera Troupe.

Yun Jin in genshin impact 2.7
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YUN JIN character Design is based in traditional chinese opera singers

On the Stage, Behind the Stage Quest Guide

Tea master and storyteller Liu Su needs help, and you can find him on the stage of the Heyu Tea House.

After talking to him, you will start the On the Stage, Behind the Stage quest.

  • The first stop takes players to Qingce Village with the Carpenter Master Lu
  • Next, Collect 3 Pine Wood and 1 Red Dye and give it to Dayu, who is located in Qingce Village
  • The quest requires waiting for one day, though you can adjust the in-game time to the next day between 18:00–21:00
  • Go back to the Heyu Tea House in Liyue Harbor and talk to Liu Su
Heya Tea House in Genshin Impact
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HEYU TEA HOUSE, Located in Liyue Harbor this stage is a Genshin Impact Point of Interest
  • Go upstairs and talk to Yun Jin, then go back to the stage of Heya Tea House and talk to Er'ye
  • Head to Liyue Warehouse, next to Ms. Yu from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and pick up the wood planks
  • Give the Planks to Dayu who is waiting for you in the Heya Tea House and then complete the quest


By completing this quest, players will obtain the special furniture blueprints: Pear Orchard Stage: Yun-Han Style.

Now you can have your own stage in your Serenitea Pot!

The following are additional rewards from this quest:

  • 3 Hero's Wit
  • 30 K Mora
  • 150 Adventure EXP

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