Genshin Impact 2.6 Spiral Abyss: Phase 3 Enemies & Blessing Revealed

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Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss, the ultimate combat challenge, is a massive Domain consisting of 12 floors packed with the strongest enemies in the game.

The Spiral Abyss not only challenge travelers with end-game content also offer big rewards for those players able to conquer all the floors.

Every two weeks, we get a new Spiral Abyss and a new chance to obtain Primogems, and other rewards.

In a normal cycle, the last 4 floors of the Spiral Abyss refresh 3 times, however Genshin Impact 2.6 is unique, so players will have a clean slate in the Spiral Abyss at least two additional times.


Genshin Impact 2.6 Spiral Abyss

Genshin Impact 2.7 is postponed indefinitely, therefore players can earn Primogems from the Moon Spire at least two more times.

Spiral Abyss Moon Spire

Moon Spire is the name that received the last four floors of the Spiral Abyss. There are 36 stars available by clearing the mob of enemies in the highest difficulty.

By obtaining 36 stars, players will obtain the following rewards:

  • 600 Primogems
  • 525,000 Mora
  • 24 Hero's Wit
  • 72 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 8 Domain Reliquary Tier II (5-Stars artifacts)
  • 4 Domain Reliquary Tiers I (4-stars Artifacts)

Rewards will scale according to the numbers of stars achieved.

Version 2.6 Third Phase Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss will restart on May 16, 2022, with the daily refresh.

Spiral Abyss Refresh NA Server


It has been announced that the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon and the current roster of enemies in the Spiral Abyss Moon will not change for the upcoming refresh.


Current Blessing of the Abyssal Moon

After a character's Normal Attack hits an opponent, this opponent will be afflicted with a Mark of Ending. After 10s, this Mark of Ending will be removed, dealing True DMG to this opponent. When a character's Normal Attack hits an opponent with a Mark of Ending, the DMG dealt by the Mark of Ending's removal will be increased. This DMG can be increased 9 times.

Enemies Roster

The Floor 9-10 remain with no change since September 2021.

Floor 11

  • Chamber 1
    • First Part: Hillichurls, Samachurls, Mitachurls
    • Second Part: Treasure Hoarders
  • Chamber 2
    • First Part: Mutant Slimes, Abyss Mages, Fatui Agents
    • Second Part: Mutant Slimes, Fatui Skirmishers, Abyss Mages
  • Chamber 3
    • First Part: Fatui Pyro Agents, Thundercraven Rifthound Whelp x6
    • Second Part: Rockfond Rifthound Whelp, Mirror Maiden, Fatui Electro Cicin Mage.

Floor 12

  • Chamber 1
    • First Part: Nobushis, Kairagais, Treasure Hoarders
    • Second Part: Ruin Guard
  • Chamber 2
    • First Part: Cryo Whopperflower, Pyro Whopperflower
    • Second Part: Abyss Lectors, Abyss Heralds
  • Chamber 3
    • First Part: Abyss Lector
    • Second Part: Abyss Heralds

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