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Genshin Impact 2.6 Theater Mechanicus: Whither the Wind Wends Stage Guide

Theater Mechanicus is back for the third time in Genshin Impact 2.6, now as a mini-game in the update's main event Hues of the Violet Garden.

Theater Mechanicus is a tower defense game where players need to set defenses in the shape of elemental totems to stop waves of enemies. Every totem has a different function and cost, and your success can earn some awesome rewards along the way.

How to Unlock Theater Mechanicus

The Theater Mechanicus mini-game is unlocked by completing the Hues of the Violet Garden quest: What the Blue Flowers Left Behind.

For this version of Theater Mechanicus, there is no co-op mode, and Fortune Sticks have replaced the Mystical Arts.

There are two difficulties for each stage, Normal Mode: Show of Force and Hard Mode: Enter the Horde.

Whither the Wind Wends

The first stage of the Genshin Impact 2.6 Teather Mechanicus is called: Whither the Wind Wends. It is one of four stages.

To clear this challenge with 3000 pts, we recommend using Fortune Sticks to produce Overload reactions (Pyro+Electro).

The reaction will be very useful to defeat the Ruin Graders by the end of the run.

Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact 2.6
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Adepti Bridges: Activating the mechanism will make the bridge dissapear and enemies fall

Placement & Strategy

We recommend this setup in Theater Mechanicus to obtain the best results, but there are many ways to win, so feel free to get creative!

  • Set a couple of Furious Discharge (Electro) totems near the purple vortex.
  • On the left side, go for one Inferno totem (Pyro) and one Dust Devil totem (Anemo)
    • The Dust Devil should be facing the Purple Portal.
  • Move to areas of the bridges near the activation mechanism and set a couple of Inferno totems, followed by one Furios Discharge.
  • For the last section, you can use a Traveler's or Zhongli Geo Construct to slow down the big enemies to deliver necessary damage.

The strategy is to stay near the bridge's mechanism and rotate on time to let the most enemies fall when the Bridge is deactivated. This is especially important with the Ruin Guards waves.

In the end, following this strategy should lead you to success and some nice festival rewards.

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