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Genshin Impact 2.6 Shadowy Husks & Statuettes: Locations, Farming Guide, Best Uses

During the events of the Three Realm Gateway in Genshin Impact, Hoyoverse introduced a new type of elite enemy, The Shadowy Husks.

The Shadowy Husks are knights from the Abyss Army that can use the abilities of characters against them.

The Shadowy Husks also drop Statuettes, including the Dark, Gloomy, and Deathly Statuettes, all valuable ascension materials that will likely become even more important in Genshin Impact's future.

The following farming guide pinpoints the locations of Shadowy Husks and the best uses for each Statuette you find.

Shadowy Husks

These creatures from the Abyss were the former Royal Guard from Kaenri'ah.

During the main event of Genshin Impact 2.5, players could find them in Enkanomiya, however, they are gone. Now, players can find the Anemo version, called Black Serpent Knight in the underground of The Chasm.

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Statuettes Farming Guide

Most of the Black Serpent Knights can be found by themselves or in pairs. There are currently 12 of them in The Chasm and they will respawn every 24 hrs.

The Map below shows the current location of the Shadowy Husks.

Black Serpent Knight in the chasm.
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BLACK SERPENT KNIGHTS: The Anemo version of these elite enemies can be found in The Chasm

We recommend getting ready your Lumenstone before facing them, some of the Black Serpent Knights stand near the toxic mud which inflicts damage over time to characters.

Shadowy Husks have a bigger repertoire of abilities than most enemies, however, they move rather slow, therefore players have the opportunity to dodge their abilities.

Once they are defeated, they will drop Statuettes, a new world material that is useful for weapons and characters. The quality and the quantity are based on the player's level and depend on RNG:

Nobushi and Kairagi Lv.
Gloomy Statuette
Any Level
Dark Statuette
Level 40+
Deathly Statuette
Level 60+

Considering the small amounts of Shadowy Husks at the moment, Hoyoverse decided to add Statuettes to the drop tables of the Abyss Lectors and Abyss Heralds as well.

You can find around four in Enkanomiya and a couple in The Chasm, but they are so few that we recommend focusing on Shadowy Husks when farming Statuettes instead.

Best Ways to Use Statuettes

For now, the Statuettes dropped by the Shadowy Husks are used as Ascension Material for the following weapons:

Considering the scarcity and difficulty to obtain these materials, it will not be a surprise that future weapons and characters will need them to level up.

We recommend adding the Shadowy Husk into your farming route.

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