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Genshin Impact 2.6: The Chasm Investigation Quests Walkthrough

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The Chasm, the new region in Genshin Impact, is a unique area where life thrives in a hostile environment. For this adventure, the Traveler has the company of an Exploration Team.

While most of the quests are related to the storyline, the game also includes some missions that will involve researching and exploring the nature of The Chasm itself.

This is our guide for two of these quests, the Paleontological and Hydrological Investigations in The Chasm.

How to Start the Investigation Quests

Both quests involve the same NPC, Khedive Pursina a researcher from Sumeru part of The Chasm Exploration Team. Khedive is near the teleport waypoint in the Adventurer Guild's Camp.

To start the quests, players need to run into strange objects and bring them back to Khedive.

Hydrological Investigation

When travelers go fishing in the Underground of the Chasm, they will find a strange object.

  • The object is the first catch players will obtain by fishing in the Underground Waterway
  • Bring the object to Khedive. He believes you need to bring the object back to the water to reveal its true form.
  • Use Hydro skills to activate the strange object, that will change shape right after.
  • Defeat the Hydro Geovishap that emerged from the water.
  • Talk about what happened with Khedive.
Fishing in the Chasm, Genshin Impact 2.6
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FISHING SPOT: The first time fishing in this area will give players the strange object.


  • 30 Primogems
  • 90000 Mora
  • 250 Adventure Experience.

Paleontological Investigation

While walking by the tunnels of the Underground in the Chasm travelers will run into strange objects trapped in the walls. Players need the help of Khedive to find out their origin.

  • Take a photo of the Strange Rock and bring it back to the camp, so Khedive can analyze it.
  • The strange rocks are fossils, there are 5 of them. To complete the quest players need to take a photo of all of them.
  • The image below shows the location of the 5 fossils:
Fossils in Genshin Impact 2.6 Chasm
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PALEONTOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION: Players need to find the 5 fossils in The Chasm
  • First Fossil: Head south in the Ad-Hoc Main Tuner, the fossil will be surrounded by Treasure Hoarders.
  • Second Fossil: North of The Chasm Main Mining Area, crossing the broken bridge a shining spot and a group of Treasure Hoarders will show the location.

Third Fossil: Near the fishing spot in the Underground Waterway, players need to use the Anemo Monument to create a Windpool to climb to the highest point.

  • A Luxurious Chest will be near the Fossil Area.
  • Fourth Fossil: South of the Underground Waterway in a cavern near the water players will find the fossil.
  • Fifth Fossil: Near the entrance of the Glowing Narrows, the fossil is where the water current start.


  • 30 Primogems
  • 60000 Mora
  • 200 Adventure Experience.

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