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Genshin Impact 2.6 Best Team Compositions & Characters

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The following Tier List will cover Genshin Impact's most popular team compositions for version 2.6.

These teams have very particular purposes and strengths. Therefore, they are not listed in order of importance as we consider, there is no team better than the others, but they're all compositions you'll want to get together to obtain the biggest rewards in the game.

Best Teams in Genshin Impact 2.6

There are varieties of these teams that replace one or two characters. We will mention the most common ones. It is not a guide set in stone but a general idea of which teams will perform best.

Teaser Team

Teaser Team is perhaps, the most efficient team in the current meta, formed with 4-star characters, with F2P weapons. However, some of the members require constellations for their full potential.

Curiously, some of the new characters fit in these compositions with ease which expand it to new possibilities.

Teaser compositions will not focus on big damage numbers, instead, the power of these teams is a crazy amount of electro reactions reducing the HP of enemies.

DPS: Beidou

Sub DPS: Xingqiu

Support: Fischl

Support: Sucrose


Rational Team

Perhaps the weakling in the National Team is Chongyun, so what happens if you replace him with a 5-star monster like Raiden Shogun?

Well, you get the most consistent team in the current Spiral Abyss. Raiden Shogun is the best battery in the game. She is on this team to make sure Xingqiu and Xianling have no problems with their costly burst.

DPS: Xianling

Sub DPS: Xingqiu

Support: Raiden Shogun

Support: Bennett

Raiden Shogun is not only there to provide Energy Particles, but she can also contribute with a very decent amount of DMG.

Morgana Comp

For a couple of updates, this classic Permafrost Team lost some relevance. However, the current Spiral Abyss brings back the chambers full of small enemies, and the Morgana Comp is back in action as a result.

Naturally, Ganyu and company are back to prove they are a power to be reckoned with, and this shell does a great job of putting it into action.

DPS: Ganyu

Sub DPS: Venti

Support: Mona

Elemental Enabler: Diona


  • Kokomi instead of Mona
  • Kazuha instead of Venti
  • Zhongli instead of Diona

Diona provides healing, shield, and element resonance to Ganyu while Mona Freezes them, and Venti pulls them together, so Ganyu obliterates them.

Vape Team

These teams are all about vaporizing enemies with massive damage potential. Hu Tao is the best to dish this kind of damage with the right support, and with Xingqiu as her best ally, and two more setup characters to enhance it further, Vape Team is born.

DPS: Hu Tao

Sub DPS: Xingqiu

Support: Zhongli

Support: Albedo


  • Bennet instead of Albedo
  • Other Pyro DPS like Klee, Diluc, Yoimiya instead of Hu Tao
  • Kokomi instead of Albedo

This team is excellent. The only problem is that developers are nerfing it with new Enemies that can cause Corrosion or ignore Shields.

However, it seems the arrival of Yelan will boost the Vape Teams and bring back their glory.

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As the name suggests, the team is about freezing enemies to death, also known as Ayaka team.

The addition of Shenhe and people finally recognizing Kokomi's potential are pushing the squad to a God Tier Level.

DPS: Ayaka

Sub DPS: Kazuha

Support: Kokomi

Elemental Enabler: Shenhe


  • Sucrose instead of Kazuha
  • Kamisato Ayato instead of Kokomi

There are many variations of this team through time, but one that is growing more popular is getting the Kamisato Siblings together and leaning on their synergies.

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Honorable Mentions

The following teams are not currently among the most popular. However, they have proved to be pretty strong, and worthy challengers in the Spiral Abyss.

  • Physical DMG Eula
    • DPS: Eula
    • Sub DPS: Raiden Shogun
    • Support: Zhongli
    • Elemental Enabler: Rosaria
  • Boba Team
    • DPS: Kamisato Ayato
    • Sub DPS: Kazuha
    • Support: Zhongli
    • Support: Yun Jin

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