Genshin Impact 2.4 Prosperous Partnership: How to Unlock a Free 4-Star Character & Which to Pick

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Genshin Impact 2.4 Fleeting Colors in Light celebrates the Lunar New Year with the return of the Lantern Rite Festival. The event is packed with activities and rewards, among them the opportunity to obtain a Free 4-star Liyue character!

Prosperous Partnership will let players choose one of the eight 4-star Liyue characters by exchanging Lantern Rite Talismans.

Considering there are many good options, here's our guide for who you should pick for your team!

Event Details

Prosperous Partnership was launched along with the Fleeting Colors in Light event on January 25, 2022.

However, the Conquest Talismans will not be available until January 30, 2022, when the Oceanic Defender combat challenges finally unlock.

Prosperous Partnership will require the following requirements to obtain the Free 4-star character:

  • Complete the quest: The Stars Inscribe the Year's Wishes
  • 1000 Affluence Talismans and 1000 Conquest Talismans

Check our Fleeting Colors in Light coverage here to find out how to obtain each type of Talisman.

Which Free Liyue Character Should You Pick?

Liyue, the region of the Geo Archon, provides some of the most compelling characters in Genshin Impact today. Unfortunately, choosing only one of them is no easy task.

The eight 4-stars characters from Liyue are Xiangling, Beidou, Xingqiu, Ningguang, Chongyun, Xinyan, Yanfei, and Yun Jin.

Being 4-star characters, it won't be rare to end up with more than one of them on your roster. In that case, it is also a good option to increase their constellations.


There is a joke in the Genshin community that almost every update is a Xianling update, as she seems to get better every time.

Reasons to pick Xianling:

  • Pros:
    • The strongest F2P DPS and Sub DPS character in the game
    • Pyronado is one of the top-tier Elemental Burst with big DMG and Pyro applications.
  • Cons:
    • High Energy Cost and Low Generation of Energy Particles.
    • The end game potential of Xianling is behind her Constellation 4.
  • Ideal Constellation: 4


The Captain of the Crux, Beidou, is a person with a strong and witty personality. The Electro Character has a very interesting Pairing ability that is fun but also challenging.

Reasons to pick Beidou:

  • Pros:
    • Electro Character that doesn't depend on Elemental reaction to have a significant DMG output.
    • Plug and Play character performs very well in Domains and Spiral Abyss against big mobs.
  • Cons:
    • Beidou Burst is costly and requires an Electro Battery or Sacrifice DMG for extra Energy Recharge.
    • Requires high investment, particularly in Constellations and a 5-star weapon.
  • Ideal Constellation: 2


He is the second son of the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild. Xingqiu is a practitioner of the Guhua Clan Arts.

Reasons to pick Xingqiu:

  • Pros:
    • Plug and Play character that provide healing and fast outfield Hydro Application.
    • Xingqiu has a fast ATK Speed and great DMG Potential that work in many team compositions.
  • Cons:
    • Xingqiu's full potential relies on a Refine 5 Sacrificial Sword and Constellations.
    • He has a Hungry for Energy Playstyle and very long Cooldowns.
  • Ideal Constellation: 2


The head of the Liyue Qixing, the governmental figure in the region. Ningguang design and playstyle are oustanding.

Reasons to pick Ningguang:

  • Pros:
    • Ningguang is getting a new Free Outfit: The Orchid's Evening Gown.
    • Great character against Bosses and World Exploration.
    • Ningguang abilities are low cost and have a low cooldown.
  • Cons:
    • Geo character can't amplify their DMG by Elemental Reactions.
    • Ningguang attacks are hard to aim, reducing her DMG potential.
  • Ideal Constellation: 1 or 2


An interesting and unique Cryo character, Chongyun, is an original member of the National Team. He is also the Nephew of the new character Shenhe.

Reasons to pick Chongyun:

  • Pros:
    • Chongyun Elemental Skill infuses the attack of his teammates with Cryo DMG.
    • Chigyun with constellation 2 is the only character besides Raiden Shogun to reduce the Cooldown of Teammates abilities.
  • Cons:
    • Normal Attacks are very slow and rely too much on his Elemental Skill to make DMG.
    • Does not work well with Physical-damage characters
  • Ideal Constellation: 2


Rock 'n' roll is a relatively unpopular style of music in Liyue, having recently been brought over from the Hydro Nation of Fontaine. Xinyan is a great rock performer.

Reasons to pick Xinyan:

  • Pros:
    • Can provide Shields and Physical DMG Boost when her shield is active.
    • Xinyan Constellation reduces Physical Resistance by 15%.
  • Cons:
    • Must hit multiple enemies to maximize Pyro DMG on her Elemental Skill.
    • Low synergy with other characters and incredible high investment to get decent DMG.
  • Ideal Constellation: 4


She is the child of an adeptus father and human mother. Yanfei resides in Liyue as a great legal advisor.

Reasons to pick Yanfei:

  • Pros:
    • High DMG output, Normal Attacks are long-ranged and can lock on targets.
    • Skill and Burst have short CD and deal AoE DMG with Pyro applications.
    • Beginner's friendly character.
  • Cons:
    • Yanfei's playstyle is suitable mostly as of the main DPS, which let her at a disadvantage in comparison to 5-star characters.
    • Rely on constant Charged Attacks, causing constant Low Stamina. Yanfei Constellation 1 will reduce this issue.
  • Ideal Constellation: 4

Yun Jin

She is a prestigious dancer, singer, and brewer who works at the Heyu Tea House. Yun Jin is the newest Geo Character debuting in Genshin Impact 2.4

We consider it is too soon to judge Yun Jin's full potential, these are are a couple of preliminary thoughts.

Reasons to pick Yun Jin:

  • Pros:
    • She is a new character, if you were sipping Shenhe, this is a second chance to get Yun Jin.
    • Very Low Cooldown abilities and Low-cost elemental burst.
    • High Generation of Energy particles and boost to Teammates Normal Attacks.
  • Cons:
    • Yun Jin does not have an ideal team composition, besides working well with Yoimiya.
    • Yun Jin's full potential is behind a team of 4 different elements, something not very common.
  • Ideal Constellation: TBD

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