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Genshin Impact Walkthrough: Lost in the Snow World Quest

One of the requirements to participate in the main of Genshin Impact 2.3 Shadows Amidst Snowstorms is to complete the World Quest: Lost in the Snow.

The mission takes players in a rescued mission to the dangerous and icy mountain of Dragonspine.

Here is our walkthrough to help you complete this mission.


We recommend getting familiar with the peculiarities of Dragonspine, cover with eternal winter the area bring an extra layer of difficulty.

Before starting the rescue mission, you should:

  • Level up a Pyro character to at least the same level of the Adventure Rank
  • Cook healing meals and several portions of Goulash. It will help to have some Frostshield Potions.
  • Explore Dragonspine first and unlock the Statue of the Seven to reveal the map.

Lost in the Snow Quest

In one of the most compelling stories in Genshin Impact, the traveler finds Joel, a small child, in the Adventurers' Camp.

The little kid waits for his father, who is on an adventure in Dragonspine. However, it has been many days. Therefore, Joel asked you to look for him.

Snow Covered Path Genshin Impact
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Follow the Snow Covered Path

Follow the Snow-Covered Path

  • Talk with Joel; he is watching the mountain in the Adventurers' camp near Dragonspine, agreeing to look for his father.
  • Walk up to or teleport to Dragonspine's Statue of the Seven. Glide to the location mark on your map.
    • Defeat the Hilichurls in the small camp.
    • Look for a source of heat, Seelie, Torch, or Lamp, before the battle.
  • Search the camp for some notes; the letter indicates Joel's Father went farther than his group.
Second Camp in Lost in Snow Genshin Impact
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Look out for the Frostarm Lawachurl

Look for the second small camp

  • Use the teleport waypoint or walk to it following the patch to avoid the sheer cold.
  • Follow the path directly to the Entombed City Outskirt until you run into another small camp.
  • There is a Frostarm Lawachurl on the way. Players can either battle him or try to sneak on him.
    • Teleport to the waypoint in case a restart is needed.
  • The second note indicates he is trying to reach the Summit.
Third Camp in Lost in Snow in Genshin Impact
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Third camp is an small cave behind some rocks

Taking the last chance

  • Travel back to the Statue of the Seven, and walk the path to the south.
  • It is possible players will be affected by the sheer cold before reaching the last camp.
  • The path will be interrupted by a pile of rocks. Destroy them to get access to a small cave.
  • The last note suggests he is trapped, that his only salvation is trying to reach the Summit.

Report back to Joel

Go back to the Dragonspine Adventurers' Camp and inform Joel what you find out to complete the quest.

This is not the last time we hear about Joel. However, this is enough to be able to participate in the Shadows Amidst the Snowstorm. The main event in Genshin Impact 2.3

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