Genshin Impact 2.3 Albedo Farming Guide

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Geo characters make their presence felt in Genshin Impact 2.3, and Albedo is a big push for the cause!

Get to know more about Albedo, the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius in our farming guide.

Release Date

Based on previous updates, we expect the Genshin Impact 2.3 update to go live on Wednesday, November 24th.

  • The server's maintenance will be around five hours.
  • Players will be rewarded with 300 Primogems for the downtime.

Albedo will be released in the first of two banners in the first half of Genshin Impact 2.3.

Albedo Pre-Farming

Albedo is an enigmatic character, considered by the people of Monstadt as a Genius. Rosaria revealed the Knight of Favonious keeps him under surveillance.

He is an Alchemist with a Geo Vision however seems to share the exact origin as the Traveler. We will know more in his upcoming story quest.

Ascension Materials

These are the ascension materials for Albedo:

Basalt Pillar, character level up material, dropped by the Geo Hypostasis

  • This boss is located on a small island in the Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue.
  • Players need x46 Basalt Pillar for a Lvl 90 Albedo.
  • The Geo Hypostasis drops 2-3 of these materials once it is defeated for a cost of 40 resins.

Cecilia is a Local Specialty of Mondstadt found in the wild on Starsnatch Cliff.

  • Players need 168 Cecilias for a Lvl 90 Albedo.
  • There are 13 Cecilias in the wild refreshing every 48hrs.
  • You can grow more in your Serenitea Pot and buy from Flora.

Samachurls, a prevalent enemy in the game. They can be found in Hillichurls camps in the three known regions in Teyvat. Once defeated, Samachurls drops Scrolls

x18 Divining Scrolls, x30 Sealed Scroll, and x36 Forbidden Curse Scroll are needed to level up Albedo to Lvl 90.

Talent Materials

Albedo is the fifth Character that requires eliminating Samachurls to level up talents.

  • Players can craft scrolls dropped by Samachurls for Albedo Talents

Ballad Series are talent-level up books that players can obtain in the domain, Realm of Slumber on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • To max Albedo's Talents, players need to collect:
    • 9 Teachings of Ballad
    • 63 Guide to Ballad
    • 114 Philosophies of Ballad

The Golden House is the Mora factory and bank in Liyue. Players will face Childe Tartaglia to complete this Trounce Domain.

  • Childe Tartaglia will drop the Tusk of Monoceros Caeli when defeated.
    • Albedo needs 18 of these pieces for max Talent.

Albedo Possible Artifacts

Albedo is getting an indirect buff with the new set of artifacts called: Husk of Opulent Dreams that will provide +30% more DEF with two pieces and a big buff to Geo DMG with 4 pieces.

Albedo can also take advantage of Archaic Petra artifacts and the Tenacity of the Millelith.


Additionally, players need Prithiva Topaz, common crafting material for Geo Characters, and tons of Mora to level up Albedo to the highest level.

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