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Genshin Impact 2.1 Rinzou's Letter Quest Guide: How to find the 8 Face Symbols

The Genshin Impact 2.1 Treasure Hunt takes travelers down the steps of Rinzou the Pirate, to find his 8 secrets treasures hidden in Watatsumi Island.

Here's our walkthrough to find the locations of these treasures and how to unlock an Inazuma Secret Achievement.


  • Adventure Rank 30
  • Unlock Watatsumi Island
  • Complete the world Quest: Divine Plant of the Depths

Rinzou's Letter

  • You will find the Treasure Hoarder's Notes (Rinzou's Letter) over the pirate desk, inside a small cave on the south shore in Watatsumi island.
  • Use the teleport waypoint in Bourou Village and walk south to find the cave.
  • Read the notes to start the search for the Skulls Faces Symbols, where you can dig Rinzou's treasures.

Note: Players can run into the skull faces graffitis but they will be able to dig only if they read Rinzou's Letter first.

Map of watasumi Island in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Genshin Impact
Location of the 8 Face Symbols and The small Cave with Rinzou's Letter

Skull Faces Symbols Locations

  • The area where you glide down from the Statue of the Seven to the cliff behind Sangonomiya's Shrine.
  • North of the Mouun Shrine, near the Waterfalls, you can find the symbols in a wall near a tree.
  • Below the north teleport waypoint in Sangonomiya's Shrine in the first cliff, in front of a broken barrel.
  • Spot where you continue going down from the previous location to the floor level, you will find some debris.
Ninnguang standing next to a waterfall in Genshin Impact
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The mountain arch is only visible on the ground level.
  • Under the lavender mountain that looks like an arch in the east side of Sangonomiya's Shrine.
  • Under the waterfalls east from Bourou Village.
  • Go down from Bourou Village teleport waypoint, the symbol is near the suspension bridge.
  • Near the electro monument, south from the Statue of the Seven you will find a broken barrel and the Symbol in the wall.
Image of pirate's symbol in a mountain wall in Genshin impact
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The treasures are always below the grafitti

After digging the 8 treasures of Rinzou the pirate, travelers will obtain the secret Achievement: Long John Silver.

We recommend picking Sango Pearls along the way while you're looking for the treasures as these will be a valuable commodity.