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Genshin Impact 2.1: All 3 Secret Achievements you can get through Komaki

Komaki, the Elder from Borou Village is the key to unlock several treasure chests and three secret achievements in Genshin Impact.

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Here's a walkthrough on how to obtain the Genshin Impact 2.1 secret achievements by hearing the stories of a sweet Granny.



To start this journey, players need to teletransport to Watatsumi Island and find Komaki, an old lady located in the heart of Bourou Village.

Divine Plant of the Depths

  1. Talk to Komaki. She will ask you to collect water to nourish the Spirit herbs in order to get a fortune telling.
  2. In Watatsumi Island's Mouun Shrine, collect the water from the shrine's Offering Pool. Run back to Komaki (Note that there is a time limit).
  3. Komaki will also need Clear Water that has special Hydro Composition. Go to the cave of the Hydro Hypostasis; no need to fight the boss.
  4. Teleport back to Komaki and give her the water to complete the quest. Reward: 30x Primogems, 250exp, 30,000 Mora, x3 Hero's Wit.

As you Wish

Talk to Komaki for 5 different days; ask her about your fortune.

  • Day one, Go to the Mouun Shrine (the broken purple shrine) and guide the 4 Electro Seelie. One is inside the shrine.
Image of Mouun Shrine in Genshin Impact
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Credit: KennyT
Follow the Mouun Shrine Electro Seelies to Unlock a Luxurious Chest
  • Day Two, Go to the small cave on the beach southwest of Bourou Village and read the Treasure Hoarder's Note.
  • Go to the Treasure’s camp east of Sangonomiya Shrine and get the Rinzou's Letter opening the Exquisite Chest.

A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure

  • Go back to the small cave where you find the Treasure's Hoarder Note. Dig on the ground to get a Precious Chest.
  • Open the chest to unlocked the secret Achievement: A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure

Long John Silver

  • Read Rinzou's Letter and search for 8 Skull Face Symbols to unlock the secret achievement Long John Silver. Check our walkthrough.

Back to Komaki:

  • Day Three, Follow the Electro Seelie under the Sangonomiya Shrine; watch out this little fellow will move far and very fast.
  • Day Four, Go to the island near Suigetsu Pool and defeat the enemies to unseal the chest.
Image of an Electro Portal in Genshin Impact
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Credit: KennyT
This Portal will take you to a Room full of treasures.
  • Day Five, Teletransport to the domain Palace in a Pool, follow the Electro Seelie and use the portal door to unlock the secret achievement: As you Wish.
  • Note: In order to follow the seelie, you need to have all rooms open from the Relay Suigetsu Pool Puzzle