Genshin Impact Sangonomiya Kokomi Trailer gives players a first look

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The second Character Banner of Genshin Impact 2.1 is right around the corner. Drifting Luminescence will feature Sangonomiya Kokomi, the third 5 star hydro character.

While there is still time to start farming and preparing our Primogems for Kokomi, miHoYo released her second trailer, A thousand waves under the Moon. Here's our thoughts.

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Release Date

Sangonomiya Kokomi's Banner, Drifting Luminescence, is set to arrive on September 21st, 2021.

The banner will include a good combination of support characters:

  • Beidou 4 star Electro (Claymore)
  • Xingqiu 4 star Hydro (Sword)
  • Rosaria 4 star Cryo (Polearm)

Her weapon banner will be released at the same time and will include:

  • 5 Star Catalyst: Everlasting Moonglow
  • 5 Star Sword: Primordial Jade Cutter
  • 4 Star Weapons: Favonius Codex, The Stringless, Dragon Bane, The Flute

A Thousand Waves Under The Moon


The second trailer starts with Kokomi talking about how weak sea creatures can confront big threats, together. They might lose some members but they will thrive.

This an analogy of the members in Inazuma Resistance that she leads against the electro archon, Vision Hunt Decree.

Similar to her role in the game, Kokomi is the protector of Watatsumi Island; a young priestess with remarkable military expertise.

Kokomi Gameplay

  • Sangonomiya is a powerful healer, however being a 5 star character, we still do not have a clear look at her damage dealing capabilities.
  • Kokomi's kit is focused on normal attacks that will enhance during bursts like Baal.
  • Her elemental skill infuses her attacks with hydro and heal through Kurage's Oath, summoning a Jellyfish similar to Fischl Raven Oz.
  • In terms of Artifacts and Weapon, she will be low cost, considering her damage and healing increase based in her HP; those type of artifacts are not hard to get.

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How good is Sangonomiya Kokomi?

Kokomi will be a very controversial character due to the fact she is the first with a negative Crit Rate.

However a new debuff called Corrosion was introduced in Spiral Abyss last week, one that ignores shield and will drain all party members' HP every second.

Corrosion will make its way into other game modes in Genshin impact 2.2.


This means the game will transition from a shield meta to team parties that will require at least a dedicated healer, making Kokomi relevant.

We recommend waiting for a couple of days to pull on this banner. At least until we know what surprises are coming for Genshin Impact's First Anniversary.

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