Genshin Impact Now Offers 2 Factor Authentication

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Genshin Impact now offers players the ability to set up 2-Factor Authentication, feature players have been requesting since the game's release.

This is great news, especially since many players have already sunken large amounts of money into the free-to-play gatcha game.


With a record number of players expected to pull from the Eula Event Banner, setting up 2FA is an important step in securing a player's account.

How To Set Up 2FA in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
PROTECTION: The Knights of Favonius cannot protect your account

Players who have a phone number or email address tied to their account will automatically be enrolled in 2FA and will have a verification number sent to them the first time they log in to Genshin Impact since the feature's release.


For players who do not have a phone number or email address tied to their account, they can head over to their miHoYo Account Page and click Account Security Settings to link both to their account.

Players will also be able to click on Login Devices to see which devices have logged in with their username and password.

If any of these devices look unfamiliar, they can be deleted, forcing a 2FA check if a user tries to log in from that device again.

If a player is unsure of which devices are valid or not, it is completely safe to delete them all from the list and start over.


All this will do is require the player to enter 2FA information the next time they log in.

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The Importance of 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication is an important security measure to make it harder for hackers and other unauthorized players from accessing accounts that are not their own.


It is simple, secure, and only a minor inconvenience that is worth suffering in order to keep Genshin Impact accounts, and any purchases within them, safe.

With more and more accounts being compromised, especially considering the popularity and the large number of in-game purchases in games like Genshin Impact, there is no excuse to leave an account vulnerable.

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