Genshin Impact 2.1: La Signora Makes Appearance In Next Update

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Genshin Impact 2.1 is about to spice up even more, as data miners have leaked that an upcoming weekly boss for Inazuma will be La Signora!

Who is La Signora?

La Signora was introduced in Genshin Impact as a Non Playable Character in the Act 3 of the prologue of the Anemo Archon Story.

After you help Dvalin, the traveler and Venti are ambushed by Fatui Agents by a mysterious woman using Cryo elemental attacks to steal Venti's Gnosis (Item used for the Seven, "God's Vision")

During the skirmish, you find out she is the Fair Lady also known as La Signora, a member of Fatui Harbinger. She is also the Executive Officer of the Tsaritsa, the Cryo Archon from the Nation of Snezhnaya.

You will meet her again after saving Liyue. Zhong-Li (Geo Archon) will give her his Gnosis as part of a contract, surprising the traveler and Tartaglia (Fatui Harbinger 11th)


Snezhnaya, the ultimate enemy


All stories are leading to the theory that Tsaritsa the Archon of Snezhnaya is the biggest enemy in Genshin Impact

Her goal is to collect all seven Gnosis (we still don't know why), and she already has three of them, Anemo, Geo, and her own: Cryo.

The person who helped her to get these Gnosis is "La Signora". So we can speculate her presence in Inazuma is part of the scheme to obtain the Gnosis of the Electro Archon Baal.

Fatui Harbinger's powers

In Liyue's archon story, you battle Childe "Tartaglia", a playable character that can use two elements hydro and electro. He is the 11th of the Fatui Harbinger.

But two elements, how is this possible? Well, Tsaritsa gives their Fatui "Delusions", a type of elemental control like Visions that are stronger while also threatening to destroy their carriers.


La Signora Gameplay

In the leak video, we can witness she has two states. She battle with Cryo elemental attacks but once you defeat her the first time, she comes back bigger and with Pyro powers.

So we can assume her vision is "Cryo" and her delusion is "Pyro". Apparently, she will also create an elemental field that will make damage constantly. Players have to reach some beacons to stop being damaged by cold or by fire.

Image with a list of leak information in regard new bosses and materials in Genshin Impact.
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"LA SIGNORA" DROP: Ascension materials for Inazuma's Characters

Another leak suggests that "La Signora" will drop Ascension material to Level Up Baal, once she is an available playable character.

While we have no confirmations yet, La Signora could add a ton of excitement to Genshin Impact 2.1!