The Genshin Impact 1.6 Beta Test Sign-ups Are Live

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The Genshin Impact 1.5 update is right around the corner, but miHoYo are already ahead of the game and have announced that Beta sign-ups for Genshin Impact 1.6 are live!

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Players can sign up to be considered for the Genshin Impact 1.6 beta from now until April 18, 2021.

Latest - 1.5 Update Time Confirmed


In a blog post, miHoYo have confirmed the update time for the 1.5 patch.

Downtime will begin for the 1.5 update at 6 am UTC+8 on Wednesday, April 28th.

This is 6 pm EST/11 pm BST on Tuesday, April 27th.

Downtime is expected to last up to five hours.

Genshin Impact 1.6 Beta Test

Genshin Impact leaked models
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CHARACTERS: We already have Hu Tao. Who will be next in 1.6?

Genshin Impact players need to take two steps to be considered for the 1.6 Beta Test.


First, they need to join the official Genshin Impact Discord server.

Next, players will need to fill out the Genshin Impact Public 1.6 Beta Test Application.

The first question on this form is if players are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement to participate.

This is a serious question, as non-disclosure agreements are legally binding contracts and can land a person in serious trouble if they break the agreement.

miHoYo has stated they will be cracking down on leaks after the explosion of leaked content coming out of the 1.5 Beta Test. They even had to close the 1.5 Beta Test prematurely due to this.

Other questions on the form have to do with a player's in-game user ID, the region they play on, their adventure rank, the platform on which they will be testing, and more.

Submitting an application for the Genshin Impact 1.6 Beta Test does not guarantee the applicant will be accepted.

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Future Leaks

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CONTRACTS: They are real, and there are legal consequences for breaking them

It is important to note that content appearing in the Genshin Impact 1.6 Beta Test may not be content that will end up in the final version of the game.


Most leaks come from data miners, and sources close to the development team.

With the previous leaks following the Genshin Impact 1.5 Beta Test, miHoYo has become extra vigilant in enforcing the NDAs signed by players.

It seems safe to say miHoYo will be keeping their cards closer to their chest than ever before, so only players who are serious about helping the future of Genshin Impact should apply for the 1.6 Beta Test.

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