Genshin Impact 1.2 Artifacts Guide: Cyro, Hydro

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Genshin Impact 1.2 update is here, expanding the world for the first time with the new Dragonspine biome.

There is a lot of new content in the new patch, including new artefacts.

Here is everything we know.

New Artifacts

Blizzard Strayer (4–5 Stars)

Genshin Impact 1.2 Blizzard Strayer
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◇ 2-Piece Set: Receive a Cryo DMG Bonus.

◇ 4-Piece Set: Increased CRIT Rate when attacking enemies affected by Cryo. If the enemy is Frozen, CRIT Rate is increased further.

Heart of Depth (4–5 Stars)

Genshin Impact 1.2 Heart of Depth
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◇ 2-Piece Set: Receive a Hydro DMG Bonus

◇ 4-Piece Set: After using Elemental Skill, increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG for a period of time.

◆ Challenge the brand new Domain of Blessing "Peak of Vindagnyr" in Dragonspine and obtain artifacts in the aforementioned sets.

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Release Date

miHoYo have confirmed that the 1.2 update will be arriving on December 23rd.

Downtime begins at 6am GMT+8, which is 5pm ET/10pm GMT on December 22nd.

It is expected that downtime will last for five hours, meaning players should be able to jump back in at 10pm ET/3am GMT.

Seasonal Event

A new seasonal event titled “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” will take place in Dragonspine.

Dragonspine biome Genshin Impact 1.2
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HARSH CONDITIONS: Players will need to find heat sources so they don't freeze.

The event will be available to all players above level 20.

"In the event’s storyline, you will be assisting the new 5-star character Albedo, Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius in Mondstadt, to investigate Dragonspine and a mysterious, powerful sword called Festering Desire. Travelers who finish the storyline quests will be able to keep and use Festering Desire in their future adventures. By completing additional event tasks and redeeming relevant items from the event shop, players can even raise Festering Desire to its max refinement level!"

The event will start after the 1.2 update goes live and will end on January 5th.


During the event, Travelers can obtain the 4-star sword Festering Desire for free.

Complete various quests in Dragonspine to obtain Essences, which can be used to redeem items in the Event Shop.

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