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What time is Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020 starting? Time Zones, What to Expect & more

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Release Date & Time

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020 will be starting on Tuesday, 15 December.

Overwatch winter wonderland 2020 tweet
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WINTER WONDERLAND: Overwatch Xmas event is arriving this Tuesday!

The festive event will be active until Tuesday, 5 January 2021 - meaning four weeks of snowball fights and unlocking special skins!

If Overwatch's Winter Wonderland 2020 event is anything like previous events, players can expect it to go live at 7 PM GMT.

Winter Wonderland Event Times

Here is when the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event will take place in each region, should the event go live at 7 PM GMT:

15 December:

  • US Pacific Time - 11 am
  • US Mountain Time - 12 am
  • US Central Time - 1 pm
  • US Eastern Time - 2 pm
  • United Kingdom - 7 pm
  • Russia - 10 pm
  • Germany - 8 pm

16 December:

  • Singapore - 3 am
  • China - 3 am
  • Japan - 4 am
  • Australia - 6 am
  • New Zealand - 8 am

What To Expect

We're expecting a number of special game modes and skins to enter the game on Tuesday, 15 December!

Mei's Snowball Offensive

The limited-time arcade mode "Mei's Snowball Offensive" may return!

Mei's Snowball Offensive overwatch
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SNOWBALL FIGHT: Mei's Snowball Offensive could return this Tuesday!

This game mode consists of two teams made up entirely of Mei, whose weapon has been transformed into a snowball launcher.


Players are eliminated when they are hit with a snowball.

With a quick enough reaction, Mei can grab incoming snowballs, adding them to her inventory and avoiding elimination.

New Skins

A possible new penguin-themed skin could also be in store for Mei!

Yeti Hunter

"Yeti Hunter" will most likely return for the Winter Wonderland event as well.

Overwatch yeti hunter winter wonderland 2020
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RAMPAGING YETI: Yeti Hunter game mode could return on 15 December

This game mode includes players choosing to compete as part of a team of Meis or a single, stronger Winston.

As Mei, players look to capture Winston for experiments and studies.

Winston players attempt to avoid the team of Mei while also eating steaks they find around the map - when they eat enough steak, they go into a rage and can take down Mei with ease.