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FF7 Remake Part 2: Fans Hope Next Release Skips One Major Feature

After first being teased way back in 2005, Final Fantasy 7 Remake was finally released in April 2020.

However, it was just part 1 of a multi-part series of games.

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Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 originally released on the PlayStation back in 1997, becoming an instant smash hit and introducing a whole new generation to Final Fantasy.

Since its release it has gone of to sell over 12.8 million units and helped breathed new life into the franchise, ushering it into the 3D age as well as boosting future sales titles.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A Final Fantasy 7 Remake was first teased at E3 2005, giving players a glimpse at what the game could look like on modern hardware.


This was during the reveal of the PlayStation 3, giving players hope it would be arriving on the new system.

Instead, it wasn't released for a full 15 years.

On April 10th 2020 Final Fantasy 7 Remake was finally released, except it was only part one of the game.


The original game shipped on 3 discs, offering anywhere between 40-100 hours of content in a playthrough.

FF7 Remake focuses on the crews time in Midgar, taking down Reactors and looking to take on the Shinra Corporation.

The Remake still takes around 40 hours to complete, despite the Midgar section in the original only taking around 4 hours to complete.

That shows how large this new remake

REMAKE: The popular FF7 was finally remade and released in 2020.
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REMAKE: The popular FF7 was finally remade and released in 2020.

project is, they have barely scratched the surface with the story, only giving us the Prologue essentially, yet still delivering 40 hours of content.

So either that means we are going to realistically be looking at a 3-7 part series, or a lot of content will be cut in future titles.


Fans Don't Want This Feature In Part 2

With Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1 ending at the conclusion of the Midgar section, fans may remember that the game then features a world map, which allows players to quickly move between different areas of the game.

In a Reddit post, u/ultima786 detailed what they think could ruin the future titles and the fine line that Square-Enix need to walk to ensure they don't mess things up by trying to make the game play like many current titles.

Specifically they talked about making Part 2 an open world game.

As mentioned previously, the original game had a world map that was accessible after the Midgar section, allowing players to move between areas much quicker and easier.

Open world games are very popular at the minute, with games such as GTA, The Elder Scrolls, and The Witcher 3 all being some of the best games of the previous decade.

However, with the controversy surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, including the fact that Sony has removed it from their store due to the amount of players demanding refunds, it shows that open world games can go very wrong.

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While open world games can be fantastic, such as the ones listed above, quite often the story telling and character details and animations are sacrificed because developers are too focused on making the world look pretty.


This can quite often leave the characters and animations feeling "janky".

In the length Reddit post, ultima786 explained "that the open-ish parts of Remake Part 1 are some of the weakest."

While also stating that they "really loved chapter 3 and chapter 8 where you spend lots of time with Tifa and Aerith. But you can tell that the interactions you have with them and the world tend to be way less quality than the linear aspects of the game"

The original Final Fantasy 7 had an open world feel with the world map, but it was still a very linear experience, with the map only serving as a link between different areas.

Players weren't free to explore a vast open world, like games today can offer.

OPEN WORLD: FF7 had a world map, but it wasn't a true open world game.
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OPEN WORLD: FF7 had a world map, but it wasn't a true open world game.

Obviously with the advances in tech it is likely we will see a world with much more potential to be explored.


If the world map only serves to get from A to B then it should be fine.

But if the world map is made to be an open world like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, then it could certainly detract from the overall experience and lower the quality.

Only time will tell which direction Square-Enix will go in.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in a fairly weird situation, Part 1 released on PlayStation 4, but Part 2 will likely be a PS5 exclusive, meaning players will be forced to upgrade in order to continue the story.

However, with how big the game will likely be, it is possible we are still a few years away from Part 2 being released, meaning most players will have switched to the next gen by then.

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