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Will There Be A Fortnite DreamHack Tournament In June 2021?

Competitive Fortnite is hugely popular and the Fortnite DreamHack tournaments have been among the most watched, every time they take place.

The last event took place in May and was a duos format. Here's what we know about what, if anything, is coming up in June.

Is There a Fortnite DreamHack in June?

Unfortunately, DreamHack will not be holding a June 2021 tournament. Instead they plan to take a break and return for the rest of 2021.

What's Next For Competitive Fortnite

This will be disappointing news to many who will have planned to enter the tournament. For fans who looked forward to following it online, they can still catch their favourite content creators on Twitch.

On the bright side, as the tweet suggests, this break is only to allow DreamHack to plan properly for the remainder of the year.

In response to the announcement, many fans have called out for a solos tournament next. Understandably, the competitive stakes are higher with 100 solo competitors and the win means that much more!

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We're keen to see what's next from this collaboration.

Changes For Upcoming DreamHack Tournaments

It's possible due to fan demand that the next set of Fortnite DreamHack tournaments are altered. Solos is the biggest demand which we have already mentioned, but a change in server location is also being requested.

The tournaments currently take place on the East servers, which hampers many players on the West coast.

Seeing the servers changed could result in lower ping and better start times for West coast players. Some fans are also requesting tournaments on Brazilian servers to address the large fanbase having to play on non-native servers.

If you're looking forward to the return of Fortnite's DreamHack tournaments, we'll bring you the latest once the news breaks.

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