Will the Fortnite World Cup 2020 be CANCELLED by Covid-19?

With the latest measures – how likely is it that this sell-out event won’t go ahead?

by Ramzi Musa
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What started off as advice to wash hands to the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, has quickly escalated into panic buying of groceries, social distancing and cancelling of long awaited events.

E3 2020 Cancelled Plans
ACCESS DENIED: E3 had to succumb to the effects of Covid-19

We’ve already seen E3 cancelled and with the latest government action closing pubs, restaurants and gyms – it’s not looking great for the Fortnite World Cup.

Last year, over 19,000 fans attended the three day event to watch some of their favourite Fortnite players go head to head.

People have been speculating for some time as to whether the event will go ahead.

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fortnite rainbow st patricks day
ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT: The sellout stadium could well be empty if organisers deem it unsafe for fans and players

The tactic of most countries at the moment is to avoid large gatherings, so in this way – Fortnite could be a victim of its own popularity.

Whatever happens, we’re here to keep you updated!

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Ramzi Musa