Will PS5 and Xbox Series X have crossplay for Fortnite?: Current Crossplay, Next-gen and More!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of or played a game called Fortnite.

Because of its addictive gameplay and its vibrant theme, Fortnite quickly became the biggest game of the last few years.


With the release of the Next-gen consoles later this year Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite) have announced their plans regarding the gameplay and technical changes they will make to tailor to a new console.

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One thing Epic Games have managed is a universal ‘Cross-play’ system where almost any player, on any device, can play with each other, but will this include the next-gen consoles?

Current Cross-Play

Fortnite is currently available on a wide variety of systems, this includes consoles, PC and mobile devices.

fortnite season 3 The Agency

THE AGENCY - The Agency is located at the centre of the map, and features a bunch of cool loot!

Amazingly, you can play cross-platform across all of these devices in the same lobby. This can lead to some balancing issues, but this is the price you have to pay if you want to play with your friends on different platforms.


This gives fans of the game a lot of flexibility with who they
want to play with.

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Luckily, as long as you aren’t partied with players on other
platforms, you won’t be put into lobbies with other players on other platforms.

This creates a fair and balanced system so that players have
the choice to play/do what they want, rather than being locked to one system.

Cross-Gen Possibilities

Epic Games have announced that Fortnite will be available on the next-gen consoles at launch. This will be great for the fan-base of Fortnite and won’t stop fans of the game from buying the new consoles.

fortnite public events live

WE ARE LIVE - Fortnite's live events have been a large part of the success of the game!

There will also be dedicated servers for the next-gen consoles,
to remove any competitive advantage from normal lobbies.

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As well as this, Epic have also said they would like to keep the universal cross-play meaning cross-gen will likely be at launch alongside the release of Fortnite on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Next-Gen Crossplay

In general, nothing will change with those staying on the
current-gen consoles. Although the next-gen consoles will have a competitive advantage,
they won’t be put into the same lobbies.

fortnite season 2 content

A NEW CHAPTER - THe current chapter added some awesome features that keep the game feeling fresh and fun!

If you’re looking to switch consoles, your progression and cosmetics will stick with you, due to your individual and universal Epic games account.

There is a possibility that PS4 and PS5 (current and next-gen) players will be paired in the same lobby at launch to fill out next0gen servers, but this is very unlikely as this would ruin the competitive integrity of the game.

The new consoles will have better hardware allowing Epic to make some great changes to Fortnite.

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They will also be utilising the new Unreal Engine 5, possibly changing up the standard Fortnite formula and adding new features.