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Will Primal Weapons Be in Fortnite Season 7?

Fortnite has been a cult hit for years. With tonnes of updates and a new season around the corner, it's time to look ahead to the future.

Weapons are at the centre of the gameplay loop as you drop off so it's important to know what's coming next. Here's what you should know about primal weapons.

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Are Primal Weapons Staying for Fortnite Season 7?

Before starting this, it's probably important to establish who HYPEX is. They're a well known Fortnite leaker with over 1 million followers on Twitter. They speak with authority in the game

That's why it means a lot when they tweeted that primal will not make a return with Season 7's weapons. When the season is over, you won't get them ever again.

When Does the Current Season End?

Season 2 of Fortnite officially ends next week on June 7th. We know this for a few reasons. We have confirmation of when the next season starts and the Season 6 Battle Pass ends that day. There will likely be very little downtime between season 6 and 7.

What Will the Next Season be?

We now have a pretty good idea of what we will see next. Over the last few days, player have found themselves abducted by aliens and teleported into different locations. After this, new trailers have been spotted across various media apps.


It flashes with a release date and the tagline "They're coming". Behind it, you can see the signs of a UFO. This essentially confirms we will see aliens in the next season of Fortnite. We will likely see new alien skins, alien weapons and some strange changes to the map alongside it. Maybe the battle pass will offer some nice new alien rewards too.

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