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Who Voices Jonesy in Fortnite?

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When you take a game like Fortnite, not every character is necessarily going to come across as the most original. Jonesy suffers from this as he takes on the appearance of Mr. Generic when compared with many other FPS / Battle Royale games.

What's more interesting though, is how he's become one of the most likeable and popular characters in the history of the game. Good thing they brought in the big guns to voice him then.... right?

Who Voices Jonesy in Fortnite?

It may come as no surprise that Jonesy is voiced by Troy Baker, the man of a thousand characters. This wasn't always the case, however, as Brian T. Delaney voiced the character in the Save the World game mode.

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It was only once the phenomenon that is the Battle Royale mode took off that Baker was brought in. It's hard to argue with the decision as, despite Delaney being a very credible and talented voice actor, Troy Baker is just on another level and brings A-List appeal with his appearance.

Who Else Does Troy Baker Voice?

If you can lend us just a few hours of your time, we can take you through some of Troy Baker's other characters, excluding Jonesy, such as;

  • Joel - The Last of Us
  • Booker DeWitt - Bioshock Infinite
  • The Joker - Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Higgs Monaghan - Death Stranding
  • Erron Black & Shinnok - Mortal Kombat X and 11
  • Ocelot - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Pagan Min - Far Cry 4 & 6
  • Delsin Rowe - Infamous: Second Son & First Light

These are just a few of his many credits from video games. He also does a huge amount of acting in cartoons and animated programs that you are also likely familiar with. Much like Thanos, he is inevitable.

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