Where To Place A Spirit Crystal At The Tallest Mountain In Fortnite

Challenges are a great way to earn extra XP in Fortnite, and the Place a Spirit Crystal at the Tallest Mountain is an easy way to earn a whole bunch!

Let us walk you through the simplest solution to this geographic puzzle which is part of the Season 6 Week 11 challenges:

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ONWARDS AND UPWARDS - Mount Kay is currently the highest point on the Fortnite map

How to Locate the Highest Point on the Fortnite Map

In order to complete the Place a Spirit Crystal at the Tallest Mountain challenge in Fortnite, you need to ascend Mount Kay, and interact with the place where the Spirit Crystal must be placed.

The operative word there is 'ascend'. That's because Mount Kay (which is located directly south of Catty Corner on the map) is likely to be quite busy at the start of a match, full of other players trying to achieve the same feat you are.

It would be foolhardy to trust to the kindness of strangers in a competitive game like Fortnite; there is little chance other players are going to leave you in peace to complete this challenge.

It would be wiser, then, to drop nearby and gear up a little bit first, before making the ascent up Mount Kay. Ideally, you will have the peak to yourself, and you can complete the challenge and earn that sweet, sweet XP.

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PLANT YOUR FLAG ON THE PEAK - Simply interact with the flag atop Mount Kay to complete the challenge

The location shown above is the exact spot you are looking for, simply interact with the base of the flag to complete the challenge. Place a Spirit Crystal at the Tallest Mountain is really simple, it's just a matter of timing.

Of course, you could always just hot-drop in right from the start and hope for the best! That would be the fastest method, but one that is far less certain to succeed.

Whatever approach you choose, once successful you will earn a whopping 24k XP, which is sure to boost you up the Battle Pass!

Week 11 Challenges & Epic Quests

Here are the Fortnite Season 6 week 11 Epic Quests. We'll be sure to link to individual breakout guides once we have them:

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 11 Epic Quests
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  • Maintain full shield for 1 minute (1)
  • Use bandages (3)
  • Play different game modes (3)
  • Spend gold bars with Deadfire (1)
  • Eliminate an opponent at a distance greater than 25 meters (1)
  • Place a spirit crystal at the tallest mountain (1)
  • Visit GHOST and SHADOW ruins (1)

Each Epic Quest is worth 24,000 XP, meaning that completing them all with net players 168,000 XP, or about two levels.

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