When is Fortnite's new mysterious Countdown Clock due to come to an end?

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Following the 17.21 Title Update, Epic Games has thrown a mysterious Countdown Clock into Fortnite and no one is sure what it means. There's a few theories out there and data miners are starting to piece together what's coming. Here's when the Countdown Clock is going to end and what we're expecting to see at zero.

What Time Does The Countdown Clock End?

If everything continues as it is expected to, the new Countdown Clock in Fortnite is due to end on August 6th at around 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST. This is ten days from when it started.

Epic Games could throw a curveball at us and jump the clock forward during the countdown, but this is unlikely.

Fortnite Countdown Clock End
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THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - Well... Not the "final" one, but an important one

August 6th is a Friday and this would line up with when Fortnite usually adds new content and/or starts in-game events. We should still see another minor update come out on Tuesday, if anything, to prepare further for the end of the countdown.

What Are We Expecting To Happen?

At the moment, we don't know for sure what is going to happen; however, we do have some idea thanks to data miners and leakers.

iFireMonkey has found the following files that would suggest that the Alien Mothership is going to activate and start "Abducting" locations on Fortnite Island. Coral Castle looks like it will be the first to go, with Corny Complex and Slurpy Swamps following on from this.

To further support this, HYPEX has suggested that these locations will be turned into "No Gravity zones" following their destruction and abduction by the Alien Mothership.

They also shared this image of the Alien Mothership's central door open but notes that any files regarding an "abduction beam" or a method to destroy these POI locations are missing.

Expect Epic Games to release a few more official teasers as we continue towards the end of the Countdown Clock and whatever is waiting for us next.

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