The Invasion of Fortnite Island has begun; Season 7 starts right now

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Fortnite's Primal Season 6has come to an end and we're already a few hours into Chapter 2 Season 7. There's a lot to look forward to. Fortnite Island has changed a little bit, there's a new Battle Pass, a lot of new skins to look over and a lot more.

LATEST - Fortnite Season 7 Has Started

At long last, we're finally there. Fortnite's alien-themed Season 7, subtitled Invasion, has finally started. A few hours ago, Epic Games uploaded the Season 7 Story Trailer that confirmed everyone's suspicions.


There were cryptic puzzles, oddly unnamed postcards, and more teasers than we care to count. It all pointed towards an alien invasion of some sorts and now we've finally seen the Invasion take place. You can check out the Season 7 Story Trailer below.

As you can see, The Spire has exploded. This looks to be the only major change being made to Fortnite Island. However, The Foundation seems to have been catapulted into the sea which is less than ideal. What's unusual is the fact that we didn't see anything from Agent Jones this time around.

Rather, we saw Rick Sanchez and Doctor Sloane at the heart of things. We're sure Jonesy is fine, but it is an unusual omission given the fact that he was a key part of the last two seasons.


Still, change is never a bad thing and the Season 7 Story Trailer seems to make out that this alien invasion is everyone's problem. Not just Agent Jones' problem.

If you want to check out what we know so far about the Season 7 Patch Notes, or the Season 7 Battle Pass, you can check those both out here. There's also a graphical update coming to Fortnite on PC during Season 7...