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When does Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 end?

A big event, involving Zero Point, is due to end Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

However, it's not entirely clear when the current season will end and when Season 6 will start, revealing all the new map changes to everyone.

We'll we've got all the information you need down below.

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Latest News - Story Trailer Scheduled

The Season 6 story trailer has been scheduled on YouTube for 4am ET/8am GMT on March 16.

Therefore, you can expect to at least hear more about when the Season 5 event will happen then.


Downtime To Be Extended

Rumours suggest that the Season 6 downtime will be a lot longer than we're used to seeing.

It is being suggested that it could last anywhere from 6-8 hours, this is much longer than the usual 2 hours that we're used to seeing.

This is likely due to the inclusion of the Zero Crisis Finale event, as well as major map changes.

Fortnite Season 6 could be the biggest season we've ever seen.

When Does Fortnite Season 5 End?

According to the games' Battle Pass screen, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 will end on March 16th.

This will also be when Season 6 goes live.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass Screen End Date
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SOON: Season 5 ends in just a couple of weeks.

Downtime will likely begin at 4am EST/9am GMT for Season 6, bringing lots of new changes and additions to the game.

But before Season 5 ends we still have one more update.


The Seven Are Returning

In the latest audio log, it was revealed that Agent Jones is trying to find information on The Seven.

The Seven consist of The Visitor, The Scientist, and The Paradigm, as well as four more unknown characters.

We haven't really heard from The Seven since the black hole event at the end of Chapter 1 Season X, but it appears that their story is far from over.


The Zero Point Is Pulsating

As the end of Season 5 rolls around, and the upcoming Zero Crisis Finale event, the focal point of the season, the Zero Point, has begun getting more unstable.

FortTory posted a short video of the Zero Point, stating that it is now emitting shockwaves every minute rather than every two minutes.

With it looking like its set to explode, and possibly suck the island into it again, will Agent Jonesy be able to stop it before its too late?


Season 5 Event Announced

Last season saw the end of season event with Galactus take place right before the start of Season 5, rather than the usual weekend before that has become standard.

It now looks like the same will be happening this season as the Season 5 event will take place at the start of Season 6.

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In a series of tweets and blog post, Epic Games announced that players will be able to take part in a solo event at the start of Season 6 on March 16th.

Normally an end of season event takes place the Saturday before the new season, so we initially expected a March 13th event.

In a tweet, Epic Games revealed what to expect,

"CH2 Season 6 launches on March 16 with the explosive conclusion of the events of Season 5. You'll play through the culmination of Agent Jones' mission in the Zero Crisis Finale. This is a solo experience & you can play through it whenever you first login during the Season."

This will be the first time we've seen something like this from Fortnite, usually, an event is a cinematic experience that players just sit back and watch, except last season we got to take part in a flying event that emulated the Death Star battle from Star Wars Episode 4.

Fortnite Galactus Event Space Battle
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Players will also be able to watch the experience first online before jumping into it themselves, more details will be shared before the start of the new season.

15.50 Update

Prominent leaker Shiina has confirmed that the 15.50 update is being tested on the staging servers.

These are private servers that Epic Games uses to play the game to make sure the build is working before it is rolled out to the public.

This means that the 15.50 update should arrive between March 2nd-4th, but likely on March 2nd as Tuesday has consistently been update day recently.


Week 13 Challenges

There are still a couple of more weeks worth of challenges coming which give players lots of XP to try and finish off the Battle Pass.

Check out the Week 13 challenges below.

Epic Quests

  • Scan a server at a Surface Hub (1)
  • Throw Fruit at Hunter's Haven (3)
  • Damage opponents at Hunter's Haven, The Orchard, and Retail Row (300)
  • Pistol Damage (300)
  • Bathe in the Purple Pool at Steamy Stacks (1)
  • Enter the Zero Point (1)
  • Destroy Crystal Trees (5)

Legendary Quest

  • Build Structures (60/120/180/240/300)
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