What Got Vaulted/Unvaulted in Fortnite Season 3?

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A brand new season of Fortnite has landed and fans are excited to drop back into their favourite battle royale. While Season 3 is called "vibin'", however, it's not all vibes for some fans as popular weapons from Season 2 have been vaulted for the foreseeable future.

Vaulting is a common thing in Fortnite and many other multiplayer games used to keep the metagame fresh by cycling out weapons and items. For Season 3 of Fortnite, there was an especially big vaulting of items with seven things taken away from the game. Here is every item faulted.


Every Item Vaulted in Fortnite Season 3.

Below you can find every item currently confirmed as vaulted in Season 3 of Fortnite.

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MK-Seven Assault Rifle

The vaulted MK-Seven Assault Rifle from Fortnite

One of the more popular weapons from Season 2, the MK-Seven Assault Rifle provided Fortnite players with a powerful scoped assault rifle that excelled in medium and long-range combat without sacrificing your rate of fire. This weapon was vaulted and replaced with the new Hammer Assault Rifle.

Drum Shotgun

An image of the Drum Shotgun weapon in Fortnite that has been vaulted in Season 3.

A powerful weapon that has sadly been replaced and vaulted, the drum shotgun was the go-to close quarters combat weapon for many gamers in Fortnite Season 2. It has since been replaced by the two-shot shotgun which while slower, still packs a mean punch.

Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle

The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Fortnite weapon that vaulted in Season 3

One of the more specialist weapons in Fortnite Season 2, the thermal scoped assault rifle was a very useful tool for those who could use it. For those who weren't a fan of its combat utility, having it on hand to spot enemies was still a good use of the weapon and it will be missed now that it's vaulted.

Thermal Fish

Thermal Fish Item from Fortnite that was vaulted in season 3

Being removed alongside the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle is the Thermal Fish, a consumable item that let players see with thermal vision. It was a rare and situational drop but still had its uses when it appeared.


Light Machine Gun

The Light Machine Gun Weapon Vaulted in Season 3 of Fortnite.

A surprisingly useful weapon despite most people choosing not to use it, the light machine gun made up for a lack of power with sheer ammo capacity. While it may not be missed by most people, its fans will definitely be upset now that it has been vaulted.


The Balloons item that was vaulted in Fortnite Season 3

One of the stranger-yet-practical items available in Season 2, Balloons became an important part of the high-skill meta of no-build with players using them to leap long distances and get to vantage points to take out targets easier.

Ranger Shotgun

The Ranger Shotgun Fortnite weapon that was vaulted for Season 3

One of the less-practical weapons in Season 2, the Ranger Shotgun still had its usefulness but was often swapped in favour of the faster-paced shotguns for up-close encounters with enemy players.

Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

The Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle that was vaulted in Fortnite Season 3.

The final weapon that was vaulted will come as a disappointment for fans of the longer-ranged combat as the only sniper remaining in Fortnite now is the much slower heavy sniper rifle. Well, sort of. The Hunte Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle has been replaced but not by another rifle. It was instead replaced by the DMR a scoped, semi-automatic assault rifle that is the halfway point between the two categories of weapons.