Fortnite's map is ever changing with more POI on the way!

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Fortnite Season 8's map has been ever-changing thanks to the Golden cube wreaking havoc as it moved throughout the island. Now we're in for some more major map changes!

There are Funding Stations appearing near named POIs and NPC locations have changed, however... What about Fortnite Island and the Season 8 map itself? What does it actually look like nowadays? Here's everything you need to know.

LATEST - Major POI Change coming

The map changes for Fortnite Season 8 have happened slow and steady. That being said, a brand new POI that popped up recently, The Convergence, is already changing.


First, the area of the Convergence with alter slightly and then it's believed that the entire POI will transform into a Pyramid made out of the purple cubes spread throughout the island.

NEW MAP - Season 8 isn't too different, really...

Fortnite's new Season 8 map isn't actually all that different to what Season 7 looked like - at least at the end of the season. The Alien Mothership has been destroyed and, as you can see below, there are a few Mothership Crash Sites that have appeared on the map:


The Mothership Crash Sites can be found at the following locations:

  • Between Coral Castle and Pleasant Park;
  • South of Believer Beach;
  • Between Holly Hedges and Weeping Woods;
  • West of Sludgy Swamp;
  • Between Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows;
  • South of Dirty Docks;
  • Between Corny Crops and Dirty Docks;

From what we can tell so far, these Mothership Crash Sites are also going to be hotspots for Cube activity. Epic Games has shared the following via PlayStation:

The Cubes have gathered themselves around the wreckage of the Mothership. Shockingly, some of the Mothership’s technologies still work. In fact, its anti-grav tunnels are capable of transporting groups around in loops.
Some of the Cube’s dark powers can be used in our favor. Anyone who consumes a Shadow Stone scattered amidst the rubble will temporarily become a shadow-like apparition, making it possible to move more secretly.

Anti-Grav tunnels should transport you from one Mothership Crash Site to the next and it looks like Shadow Stone is going to be available as a pick-up from these locations. We can imagine there's more to come from these locations as the Cubes spread, so keep an eye on them going forwards.