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Valorant: Is Riot's New Game the Fortnite Killer? Release Date, Playstyle, Abilities & more

Riot Games released their highly anticipated tactical shooter Valorant this past week, and although it is only in closed beta, the game has attracted millions of users to the stream.

Since Valorant has been so popular on streaming platforms, a lot of attention has been drawn to Fortnite, and what is next for the giant title.

But will Valorant be able to impact Fortnite's autonomous rule over recent shooter games? Let's take a look!

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What is Valorant about?

Valorant is Riot Games’ upcoming competitive FPS, and it looks like it will be class-based shooter mixed with elements of the popular game CS:GO.

valorant gameplay
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ACCESS: For the best chance of getting access to the closed beta, follow the instructions on our hub article


We’re expecting to see 10 characters at launch – or at least that is the logical assumption to make.

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More characters will likely come post-launch, and all of them have a set of four unique abilities, and you have to buy armour and weapons with money earned between rounds.

You’re locked in with your character for the duration of the match, which can consist of up to 24 rounds AND be forced to sudden death in the event of a tie.

Casual Fanbase

A large portion of the reason why Fortnite gain so much popularity over the last two years, was the amount of fun you could have while playing with your friends.

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PARTY - Squads in Fortnite are amazing still!


Albeit, the skill in public matches has risen over the years; but it is still a game that is played with friends all the time.

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You will still have the games where you can go try-hard, but there is so much downtime within lobbies now; that it still feels casual.

You do not need to be super attentive to be playing Fortnite, you can just kick back and relax and jump into a lobby.

Appealing to casuals is something Epic Games has always done over the years, adding wonky weapons and items to make the game feel fresh for casual players.


Valorant has drawn comparisons to CS:GO, with a little bit of Overwatch sprinkled in.

fortnite main
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FAST-PACED - Fortnite matches are rather quick compared to Valorant


For those who do not know, CS:GO and Fortnite are two very opposing titles, games we do not often associate with each other. They each have their own dedicated fan base, and they both require completely different skill sets.

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Valorant requires all the usual gaming mechanics one might have, but it also requires you to be more tunned in compared to a casual Fortnite match.

Although there is no ranked mode out for Valorant right now, the casual matches in Valorant are not going to be "casual" compared to Fortnite games.

Can Valorant Overtake Fortnite?

Although Valorant may be all the talk right now, a large portion of that is due to the fact that Riot Games has enabled Twitch drops to get access to the beta.

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STILL THE KING - Fortnite is here to stay, like it or not!


This is why streamers are reaching their all-time high viewer counts this week, and we are seeing 2018 Ninja numbers from Summit1G and XQC.

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When Valorant actually releases later this year, we do not know if the game is going to have the same audience as it has right now. Perhaps the hype will be slightly less since many players are going to try their hand at the game during the closed beta.

We do not know what direction Fortnite is going to take in the coming months, but we know from previous events; such as the Black Hole event. They can become the world's highest trending topic at the blink of an eye.

We do not know if there is ever going to be a game that reaches the mainstream media as Fortnite has.

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