The Fortnite Map Has Flooded! - The Device Event Aftermath, Season 3 Teasers, and more

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The Device Event has not happened! Midas' glorious plan was unsuccessful and he left the map in quite the state.

Players all over the world got to witness this one of a kind event, and we are now playing on a new environment essentially.

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Check out what happened to the map below!


Season 3 first teaser revealed!

Before we get into the epic event, be sure to check out the recent teaser for Season 3 right here!

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The rumors were true, after the months of speculation about whether or not the map would be flooded, we now know the answer.

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How the map will be over the course of next season is unknown as of now, but for now, we are going swimming.

Check out what the map looks like post event below!

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Credit RJE8



It appears that The Devive Midas used on the Fortnite map has caused the storm to disappear for the time being.

Instead, the map is now surrounded by a massive tidal wave; that we can assume will crash during the release of the new season.

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