Should Tilted Towers return to Fortnite in Chapter 3?

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Fortnite is a popular game for many reasons but from time to time, certain aspects of the game will capture the hearts of the community in a very special way. One such recipient of this love and affection was the Tilted Towers POI.

Were going to take a brief looks at its history and why so many people want to see it return.

Fan Favourite

This Chapter 1, Season 2 landmark was considered the most diverse in the game thanks to its verticality and excess of loot and rooms. Despite seeing a few small seasonal changes, and a direct hit from a meteor throughout the chapter, it was eventually destroyed as part of the Unvaulting Event.

Fortnite tilted towers original
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It would go on to become Neo Tilted and Tilted Town in the following seasons but its impact wasn't quite as impactful and the changes just made people miss OG Tilted Towers even more.

The same applies to its return during Chapter 2, Season 5 as it was combined with Salty Springs to become Salty Towers. This, however, only lasted until Season 6 where it became Boney Burbs during the Primal event.


Bring it Back

The ongoing support and demand for an original version of Tilted Towers to return has reached its peak thanks to the impending arrival of Chapter 3. All of the rumours and leaks suggest that the Black Hole will be returning at the end of Season 8 and it's got the community feeling hopeful.

A brand new map is likely on the way and at the top of many wishlists is the return of Tilted Towers. Perhaps a few too many people are viewing it through rose-tinted glasses and would be ultimately disappointed with a return. Given how much Fortnite has improved overall, choosing to revert to such a classic POI in the current game could expose its weaknesses or design.

Some of the features that players claim made Tilted Towers unique are now much more common in the game. Verticality is no longer an issue across the map, loot is much prevalent and the density of most POIs has become a lot more complex. We're not against the return of Tilted Towers in any way and would love to see it return for nostalgia's sake, but not necessarily for the long term.