Should Fortnite release less collaboration skins in Chapter 3?

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One wonderful thing about Fortnite and its rise to superstardom over the last three years has been the sheer number of major pop culture crossover events that have happened. It's hard to keep a fanbase happy with every decision, but these collaborations have had something for everyone to enjoy.

It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of Ariana Grande, Resident Evil, Marvel, DC or even Will Smith in Bad Boys (yeah, we're not sure about that one either) there has been something to pique your interest in recent memory.

chris redfield fortnite
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The Resident Evil crossover proved very popular during Fortnitemares

The sheer number of licensed and collaboration skins has brought up another question though... Are there now too many of these releases and are original content/skin creators suffering as a result?


Should Special Skins Outnumber Original Creations in Fortnite?

Epic Games and the Fortnite team have always been great at encouraging and supporting creators so that's not up for debate. What's been very noticeable over the last few seasons has been the reliance on licensed skins over original content.

There have been some community designs made available in the game and one even made available as part of the Fortnite Crew Pack this year. This is in addition to the brand new NPC character skins added as part of the Battle Pass.

Towards the midway point of Season 8, there had been 35 total original skins and 31 collabs. As we close in on the end of the season, this has shifted a little with the recent Nick Fury release. It could be seen as balanced but given how the skins are released, it's seemed like a very collab heavy season.

So many of the original skins are released as part of the Battle Pass meaning there is no fanfare or separate release to celebrate their creation. Once they rotate out the game, they can sometimes return with new outfits and designs.


If you were to take this into account and discount any original characters that already exist and just received a new look, there would only be around 21 truly original skin releases.

cube queen fortnite
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Original skins like the Cube Queen have drawn great acclaim this season

The community is split on the matter which is to be expected. Some players prefer the licensed skins because they let them play as their favourite external characters or celebrities in-game. Others would prefer to use original skins that represent Fortnite and Fortnite alone. Neither side is right or wrong but it would be nice to see balance among the releases going forward into Chapter 3.