02 Sep 2021 3:24 PM +00:00

First look at Shang-Chi in Fortnite

We finally have the confirmation that Shang-Chi is heading to Fortnite. It's been rumoured for some time now but leakers have decrypted the files and we'll have official confirmation soon.

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This reveal would should continue an incredible streak for Fortnite but sadly falls short of expectations. So many pop culture and gaming characters have been added this season alone, they can't all be winners I guess. We can only hope there's still plenty lined up for Season 8!

LATEST - First Look at Shang-Chi in-game

We have the first look at the Shang-Chi skin in Fortnite and its.... not great. Unfortunately, the outfit looks a little cartoon-ish and the character itself appears to have been whitewashed.


Usually, Fortnite is on point with these skins but this is a massive disappointment. Could it be that it was rushed to meet the deadline for the film? Who knows. What we do know, is that this skin is well below expectations.

Shang-Chi coming to Fortnite soon

Leakers are apparently in the final stages of unveiling the Shang-Chi Fortnite skin and bundle items. According to @ShiinaBR, there will be a back bling, pickaxe and wrap alongside the skin.


This follows the same treatment that other characters have been given. We are yet to hear or confirm whether a Shang-Chi Cup will take place, but based on recent releases, it may be safe to assume one will take place.

When will Shang-Chi be available?

All signs point to Chang-Chi being available on Friday, 3rd September when the item shop resets. This is the one reason that a Character Cup may not take place. Due to wanting to release the skin alongside the release of the movie, Fortnite may bypass the cup system on this occasion.


As Shiina points out, Simu Liu, the main character from Shang-Chi, was the obvious choice for the skin. There was a possibility that they take the comic route and produce something without needing the license for the actors' likeness.

The Will Smith/Mike Lowrey skin will likely make way for the Chang-Chi skin. The addition of the Mike Lowrey skin is one that left us completely baffled and seemed like a way to just get Will Smith in Fortnite.


From experience, I can't say I've ever seen the skin used in a game yet, so it may not have been a very popular release.