Fortnite Season 11: Changes we NEED to see in the NEW Season!

Fortnite players have been begging for these changes for quite some time now

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The current season of Fortnite is slowly winding down, with the rumored upcoming event ‘The End’ happening later this week along with the possibility that we end up on a new map in Season 11 due to some leaked game files. It is an exciting time to be a Fortnite fan.

No game is perfect and there is no better example of a game with ups and downs than Epic Game’s flagship title in Fortnite, the game has been one of the generational successes of video games, but it hasn’t always been pretty.

Fortnite has received huge amounts of criticism in the past, with hashtags trending on Twitter almost weekly from angry players. Going into Season 11, Fortnite has arguably had its worst season yet. From a lower player base to confusing changes, Season 11 is Fortnite’s time to make ends meet with the players.

There are some changes that have been needed for multiple seasons now and some that are new but are atop the priority list, so what are they?

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Option to Disable Pre-Edits

This has been one of the most highly requested options across all social media platforms for multiple seasons now. Pre-edits are when you go to place a wall and it is already edited. For a majority of players they time their edits accidentally leading to a wonky build being placed. causing no end of issues.

It makes literally no sense why Epic hasn’t added this option yet, it’s one of the most important changes needed within the game! It’s a no brainer for EPIC to start rebuilding the trust with their playerbase as you rarely see players placing a pre-edited build anyways.

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Edits Starting from Camera Angle, Not Pencil

This is one of the most annoying features currently present in Fortnite.

Too often players get stuck while trying to edit a cone and the camera angle is locked in on your pencil, not your head POV, so you can’t see anything…

This is another quality of life change that needs to come to Fortnite, there is no reason this shouldn’t already be a feature as the building becomes rather clunky when the camera angle is fixiated on this position.

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This one needs no explaining, the most overpowered item ever added into Fortnite needs to go in Season 11. After worldwide trends went viral on Twitter, Epic Games made some changes to the mech, however, it was kept in the game due to Season 11’s “story”.

Enough is enough the Mech needs to go.

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FOV Slider

Other than the removal of the mechs, this is perhaps the most requested change in Fortnite history. Back during Season 8 more specifically the V8.40 Patch, Epic Games implemented a ban on stretched resolution which was used by the majority of professional players and casuals as it would grant you a wider FOV for your player.

The FOV slider is long overdue in the eyes of many Fortnite players.

The option to increase your FOV to 100 is all players are asking for, the locked 80 FOV that is used right now is motion sickness-inducing and turns the game into a first-person shooter when in a box fight with another player.

Please Epic, add a FOV Slider.


Nick Farrell

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