Fortnite Chapter 2: All LEAKED Skins for Fortnitemares 2019: Ghoul Trooper RETURNING?

New variations of old classics and new stand out skins are all coming very soon.

With any Fortnite patch, there are always new game files added into the field which often reveal game-breaking additions that Epic are planning on releasing. One of the focal points of Fortnite is the daily rotating shop, which features some of the coolest and unique cosmetics in all video games. 

With the upcoming Halloween Fortnite event title ‘Fortnitemares’ set to kick off on October 29, many fans are anticipating some amazing Halloween skins. Data miners may have just uncovered that during this set of leaks!

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Ghoul Trooper CONFIRMED

One of the top three rarest skins in all of Fortnite’s locker room is finally set to return to the item shop.  Early this morning players who already owned Ghoul Trooper from 2017 were gifted with two new variants for them to show that they are the true OG’s.

With these new versions added into the item shop, it is all but confirmed that it will soon be available to players during Fortnitemares. As in the past, they have granted different versions for players who owned the Skull Trooper variant before it was re-added into the item shop. 

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Ghoul Trooper Male

The rumoured leak of the female Ghoul Trooper returning was the rumoured leak last month of a male version coming out as well. The speculation here is that they will be released as a collective set for players to purchase sometimes within the next week.

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Other Leaked Skins

The rest of the skins below we do not know the names for as of now, or when they will release. One thing is for sure, they all look amazing!

When does Fortnitemares 2019 Start?

HYPEX has become one of the most famous Fortnite data miners for quite some time now, most recently during the infamous Fortnite Blackout event, his account gathered an additional 250,000 followers. It is safe to say whenever a leak is posted from their account it is trustworthy and probably true.

When Chapter 2 released this past week, HYPEX managed to uncover the release dates for all of the upcoming updates including the looming Fortnitemares event. Reveled to be on October 29th which is also the date patch V11.10 is suppose to release it comes at perfect timing for Epic Games.

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