Fortnite Chapter 2: PC Settings YOU Need to Update – Fix FPS drop & more!

These settings may resolve a lot of issues players are having in Fortnite Chapter 2 so far!

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Fortnite has now released its second-ever chapter, a new era has finally arrived and it has received some of the most positive praise in recent Fortnite memories.

Social media has been nothing but love for Epic Games as it seems they have finally been able to get back to what built this game and why it originally took over the gaming world.

Although Fortnite Chapter 2 has introduced some amazing things to us, some players are not having the most optimal experience in relation to PC hardware.

There have been numerous complaints of severe FPS drops over the course of Chapter 2 and a few other issues.

So how do we fix these issues? Below is a guide to better your performance and experience during Fortnite Chapter 2!

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Gamma Settings

One of the main things that was prominent upon release was the initial display that they displayed Chapter 2 to us.

The game was much much brighter than players were accustomed to in previous seasons, and this cause a debate all over social media to see if they were not the only player experiencing this.

It turns out Epic Games changed the default gamma settings in the in-game config. Instead of being the standard 1.00 rating which is what players were used to, it was set at 2.20 over double what it initially was.

This is an easy fix for players are by accessing the config players are able to revert it back to the traditional settings.

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Low Audio Quality

This next setting players should 100% change when they boot up Chapter 2 will drastically increase your in-game FPS, which has been one of the areas players have been experiencing issues with.

One of the new audio settings called “Audio Quality” has somehow been linked to the FPS issues players have been experiencing.

A simple slide from on to off should see your FPS performance drastically change.

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