Fortnite Chapter 2: Everything We Know From the LEAKED Trailer!

The data miners have pulled off perhaps the greatest leak of all time! We're in for a treat!

The most anticipated Fortnite event of all time is done and dusted, well at least for now.

The event titled “The End” was seen by millions worldwide. With over 1.5 million viewers on Twitch and over 4 million on YouTube, this was one of the most viewed gaming events of all time.

Upon the conclusion of the event, which featured six of the seven visitors pushing the rocket into the Zero Point above Loot Lake we were then sucked into the Zero Point and now we are stuck on this loading screen.

NOW, Fortnite data miners have been hard at work all day itching to find something new and internet breaking in terms of the new season.

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LEAKED Trailer

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 battle pass trailer was initially leaked by some Fortnite data miners earlier in the day, but was quickly removed by Epic Games employees in fear of something major being leaked.

Fortunately for us, Epic Games has acknowledged that the damage has already been done, and they have reposted the trailer for everyone to see, Check it out down below!

New Theme? Skins?

Some of the Fortnite leakers have managed to uncover some of the leaked cosmetics coming with the new battle pass. It is assumed these files were found within the China game files as of now but these leaked cosmetics seem pretty amazing so far!

Along with this, all of the battle pass skins can be seen in the below image! Some cool ones for sure. 

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New Mechanics

As seen in the trailer, there are numerous amount of features that are also being implemented during this brand new chapter of Fortnite. Some of these new techniques are going to be amazing at first glance and it is very exciting to see how some of these will play out.

Some of the new features coming to Fortnite Chapter 2 are: 

  • Gas Stations will explode on impact
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Ability to carry knocked team mates
  • New chests and ammo crates 
  • Boats
  • Cars?
  • Hiding in dumpsters and trash cans

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Some new weapons have also been leaked ahead of the official launch of Chapter 2 Season 1.

NEW ITEM! - Bazooka Bandaid - Shoots bandages to heal your teammates.

New Assault Rifle (looks like: AUG) 

New Shotgun (looks like: M1216).

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