Fortnite Chapter 2: Championship Series Details Announced!

With the offical start date for the next wave of FCS revealed to us, here’s everything we know!

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Upon the conclusion of the first-ever Fortnite Champion Series, where we saw some household Fortnite players be crowned their Regional Champions for Season X, we already know what is in store next for Fortnite esports; in the wake of Chapter 2, and the new map Epic Games has presented to us.

Announced during the closing moments of the Season X Finals Twitch stream, the next wave of the Fortnite Champion Series is set to be squads or teams of four.

This announcement came to the surprise of many Fortnite professionals, as squads have never been the primary focus of Epic Games until now and this was the only game mode not tested by Epic in a competitive scene.

With many squads already forming and the excitement starting to loom on the first official squad’s event. Here is everything we know!

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Start Date

As confirmed when they initially released Chapter 2, the next set of FCS competition is set to kick off on November 1st. Giving players around two weeks to prepare!

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The FCS is described as an in-game weekly tournament that will run over the course of Season X with a persisting leaderboard that will track the progress of players throughout the season. This looks to be a solely online tournament and a chance to become the best in your respective server region.

More specifically as we have seen over the course of Season X’s FCS, teams will compete every weekend during Saturday and Sunday. Initially, teams will compete in two segments during Saturday’s round to determine the top 150 trios at the time that will make it into Sunday’s matches.

Once the Sunday matches have concluded the top eight teams in each region would qualify for the FCS Finals, and at the end of the five weeks, they also took the top 92 consistent teams to make four heats.

We will find out more information about Chapter 2‘s FCS so stayed tuned for that!

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Tfue at the Fortnite World Cup

All Confirmed NAE Squads

The NAE region is considered by many as one of the top two competitive regions in the world, with Fortnite Cup Winner Bugha residing in this region it is one stacked full of talent and the confirmed squads are a testament to this.

TfueCloakzy (Trial)FiberKhanada
NinjaReverse2KNate HillFunk


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