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03 Aug 2020

RealOpinions: Cars Aren't the Answer for Fortnite!

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Movement and Rotations

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Remember Planes...

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Other Options

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Bigger Issues

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is approaching fast. With a lot of concern over the state of the game, it will be interesting to see how Epic handles this season.

The release of cars is expected to be coming soon, so may release at the start of Season 4.

However, is this really what Fortnite needs at the moment?

A lot of the large content creators have decided to move away from the game onto other titles like Apex Legends and Warzone.

Will cars be the catalyst that brings back these creators, or do Epic have more work cut out for them?

Movement and Rotations

A massive complaint of the new map, especially in Seasons 1 and 2 was the lack of movement and rotation.

fortnite vehicle rotation map

ROAD MAP - This map shows us all the usable roads we'll be using the cars on!

Much of the utility used to get around the map in Season X was removed for the new Chapter.

This combined with the increase in map size made for a lot of downtime in the middle of the match.

There is a chance Cars will help to mitigate this issue, but will it bring more issues than benefits?

Remember Planes...

If you remember back to Chapter 1 Season 7, planes were introduced.

At first, planes seemed like a great adition to the game. However, the honeymoon period didn't last long, as a number of glaring issues began to surface.

The biggest issue we had was the "3rd partying". Planes gave players an easy way to quickly swoop in and take out players who just finished a fight.

This made for easy pickings and frustrating encounters for the prey. We hope the same doesn't happen with the introduction of cars.

Other Options

Epic have a number of options if an increased in movement is the aim.

Fortnite Loot Shark Fishing Pole 1

AQUAMAN - Unlock the Aquaman skin before it's too late!

"Glider Redeploy" allowed players to pull their glider after jumping off a vantage point.

This gave players the opportunity to rotate quickly in and out of fights without getting a massive advantage over the other player.

We think the addition of the Glider Redeploy item good be great for the game, increasing the speed of the game.

However, there is a bigger issue Epic need to tackle moving into Season 4.

Bigger Issues

There's no doubt Fortnite has lost some interest since it's peak back in 2018.

Recently, we've seen much of the content creators, influencers and streamers switching to other titles.

If cars are Season 4's main attraction, we hope they really change the way we play the game and inspire the much of the old player base to return to the game.

We hope Epic have much more planned for the Season 4 roadmap, as we've seen the lack of updates has driven away a large portion of the player base.