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16 Jan 2020

Ninja's Personal Fortnite Skin goes live tonight!

Ninja's Personal Fortnite Skin goes live tonight!

Ninja recently announced on a daily mixer stream that his own skins will be coming to Fortnite!

The superstar streamer has been teasing his latest announcement for quite some time now, but now we finally know what the news is.

In what has been a chaotic couple of months, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is once again making waves throughout the industry.

Ninja announced during a recent daily Mixer stream that his own personalized skin will be coming to the Fortnite item shop, but we didn't know when until now!

Continue reading to find out what time the skin will drop tonight!

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Ninja's Skin

Ninja has taken to Twitter to announce that his skins will go live tonight at 18:00 Central Time.

His tweet read:

"The Ninja set officially releases today at 6 central"

The skin will have four different variants, so be on the lookout for this skin in the items shop soon! 

There will also be other exclusive Ninja cosmetics coming to the item shop.

This includes his signature Pon-Pon dance becoming an in-game emote, along with two blingy back accessories.