Is A New In-Game Concert Coming To Fortnite?

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The Fortnite live event system is one that keeps players engaged as they try and piece together clues to figure out what's next. As part of Fortnite update 17.20, some interesting files have been added to the game and they're raising eyebrows.

What do these files indicate and are they pointing towards the next in-game concert or another limited-time event?

New Fortnite Concert Coming?

Many prominent Fortnite leakers and content creators have discovered files that have been added in the latest update that have the codename 'Buffet'.


This mysterious codename, mixed with some pride-themed content had players confused. Initially, some theorised it was all realted to the same event but they appear to be for completely separate events.

The pride content, along with a rainbow that now appears just off the Fortnite map is not confirmed to be attached to any kind of event, but @OMGitsAliA on Twitter has a theory.


Could Ariana Grande be performing a live concert in Fortnite much like Marshmello and Travis Scott have done in the past? As Ali-A points out, Ariana is rumoured to perform at Machester Pride next month, could the performance make its way into Fortnite also?

What Is The Buffet Event In Fortnite?

It appears that the 'Buffet' content that has been uploaded is in relation to the ongoing alien invasion. Many of the assets that have been uploaded all point to an event timer appearing in-game soon.

With the addition of low gravity zones, alien parasites in the main lobby and other alien-themed content spreading throughout the game over recent weeks, it's unsurprising that this could be part of the Season 7 story arc.


The event countdown will appear in the main lobby and also in the middle of the Fortnite map. As we come towards the back end of Fortnite Season 7, the story could be ramping up so that we understand more about where we stand for Season 8.